Green Lantern: Care Bear Corps Stares Down September

After yesterday’s bombshell about the DC Universe being rebooted, people have been wondering exactly what those 50 new #1 issues will be. We know there’s a Justice League #1 (by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee), and it’s extremely safe to assume there will be new #1s for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and all the other popular DCU characters. Still, 50 books are a lot. A lot more than what you currently find every month at your local comic shop, so people are still curious as to what else is coming.

Bleeding Cool has found out what one of the new books will be. A multi-colored Lantern team book with one Lantern from each color, possibly even including black. There’s no word on who the Lanterns will be and if they’ll keep the current color assignments as they are now; although the cover of Justice League #1 does show Hal back in green.

It looks like the Care Bears version of the Lantern Corps will survive Flashpoint after all.