Flashpoint #2 Review

Even though we know the DC Universe is going to see a big reboot in September, this summer is going to show exactly how that comes to be via Flashpoint. The second issue really puts the focus back on Barry, who a lot of people complained was too much in the background in the debut. There’s a small bit introducing both Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but the majority of the issue picks up right where the last left off with Barry discovering more about this new reality.

He’s trying to convince a skeptical Thomas Wayne about his alternate timeline memories, such as Bruce being alive and one of his best friends. When he opens his ring to show Batman his Flash costume, he learns that the timeline has indeed been changed by the Reverse Flash. Why it has been changed is still a mystery, and one that we probably won’t learn for a couple months still.

Since Barry in this reality doesn’t have the powers of The Flash, he talks Thomas into helping him recreate the accident that gave him his super speed. He straps himself to a chair surrounded by chemicals and waits for lighting to hit the attached lightning rod. The results aren’t exactly as expected, although it’s doubtful that Johns would kill off the crossover’s title character in its second issue.

Flashpoint will change the DCU forever, and while we do know some of the end result, the journey there is still great.