6 Questions About the DC Comics Reboot

DC shocked the comic book world this week when they revealed a staggering company-wide reboot of just about every title. They’ve said that costumes and origins will change for many characters, and most will be younger versions of the characters we’re familiar with. Below you’ll find some of the questions that have been swirling around in our heads since they made that announcement.



The Man of Steel is the huge question mark with the reboot. The troubles that DC and Warner are having over the rights to the character are well documented now, and we’ve already seen some modifications done to the costume in the artwork of the new Justice League. Just how drastically will DC alter Kal-El? Will he even be Kal-El anymore? We’ll find out for sure in a few weeks.

The Gotham Situation

Right now in the Batman books, there are two Batmans and all four Robins are alive in one way or another after Jason Todd was brought back to life. Something is most definitely going to be done here. There is word of a new Nightwing comic on the way, so that will most likely mean that Dick is no longer going to be wearing the cowl. That puts the Batman situation to rest, but what about the Robins? Will Jason Todd and Damian Wayne stick around? Will Barbara Gordon remain paralyzed?

Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman on the Justice League #1 cover appears to be wearing the much-hated revised costume, which means that she is probably the younger Wonder Woman that was recently featured in the JMS run on the comics. Will this younger Wonder Woman become the primary one?

The Speed Force

Barry Allen is pretty much a lock to remain The Flash. And there are rumors of a second Flash title called “Speed Force” coming. But will they keep everything the same? What if they sent Bart Allen back to the future and make Wally the Kid Flash?


Recently DC has been bringing Vertigo characters such as Swamp Thing and Constantine into the core DCU. Swamp Thing was a huge focus at the end of Brightest Day. Will these characters remain in the DCU after the massive reboot? Will they be receiving new #1 issues themselves?

The Care Bear Corps

With the Green Lantern movie poised to be a major release this summer, it’s doubtful they’re going to change things up too much in the Lantern books. Hal will definitely still be the star Earth Lantern, but how will their allegiances line up? Following the War of the Green Lanterns storyline, Hal was a Yellow Lantern. He’ll be back to green as the artwork shows, but what about the other Earth Lanterns? Will Abin Sur stick around after his Flashpoint resurrection?

2 thoughts on “6 Questions About the DC Comics Reboot

  1. Did you really use the miscolored Speed Force pic? C’mon folks, you can do better than that…

  2. Care Bear Corps? Really? You KNOW that Hal wont be Yellow for long [which is shown in the current issue] and besides, “He’ll be back to green as the artwork shows” this pic is from Blackest night.

    And they already have news on dccomics.com about the GL and Bat-family comics.
    We should just give this a chance, like we all undoubtedly will, and we might be surprised.

    And any “hard core fans” who say theyre never going to read DC again are jsut being spoiledly retarted.

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