R.I.P. Warhammer Online

If you needed a hint that EA Mythic’s Warhammer Online was on its way to the great MMO graveyard, here’s a really big clue. Currently the game has only four servers running. Yesterday, EA opened up free transfers off two of those servers as they’re planning to shut them down. That’ll leave the MMO with only two servers for players. It won’t be long now and EA will shut down the game and it’ll join APB, Sims Online, Motor City Online, and Earth & Beyond as MMOs that EA has killed.

BioWare had better pay attention. Their MMO publisher likes to kill MMOs; especially those that are hyped to levels that no game could ever match.

7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Warhammer Online

  1. It’s even in it’s current unfinished state a pretty good MMO, one of the best beyond WoW, and EA probably could save it easily by turning it to F2P.
    But that would probably take subscribers away from Star Wars: The Old Republic, whenever it launches, and thus WAR has to die apparently…
    Hopefully Games Workshop doesn’t let Dark Millennium launch before that MMO is finished and polished by THQ.

  2. they should adopt a similar structure to dnd and lotr. their publisher is doing amazing things and not letting these great ip’s die.

    honestly though im not looking forward to oblivion/fallout mmo’s both games whole concept is how you affect the universe and how you are the hero. how do you think new vegas would play if 8000 people were trying to control vegas or influence the region or what have you.

    besides whats the first quest going to be. if its kill 8 rad roaches or something equally silly i just might cry.

    definitely not first day purchases for me

  3. Not shocked at all. They made a mess of that game. Server loads, Q times, PvP pockest spread all over making it hard to find open world PvP. By far the biggest unbalanced classes I have ever seen. Dumb mechanics like the chicken and making HUGE promises that never played out. Only thing they did good was bring public quests to MMO’s. EA may have pushed them to launch but that game had way more problems then EA owning them.

  4. It disappointed me. Initially I thought it will come out as a tough competitor to its counterparts but it really was shallow. And I really mean it. By shallow I mean certain problems that it has to face.

  5. There had been certain issues which we would have never realized. It is something only insiders can say as to what really happened.

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