Battlefield 3 Announced

Following yesterday’s news of the PC version of Battlefield 1943 being cancelled, DICE has officially announced Battlefield 3 and it completely makes up for the bad news. The full reveal will be in the next issue of Game Informer, so there aren’t any screens yet; but we do have some information on what will definitely be a major FPS on the PC (and consoles) this fall.

The game will be running on the new version of the Frostbite engine, and you can do new things such as dragging teammates to safety, go prone, and mount your weapon almost anywhere. There will also be jets in addition to new land and sea vehicles. Areas where the levels will be set include New York, Paris, and Tehran and the maps will range from urban warfare to wide open maps tunes for vehicles. On the console side of things you can expect 24-player multiplayer matches, while the superior PC version will sport full 64-player games.

Expect more as DICE reveals Battlefield 3.