Star Trek Online Subspace Report – 6/4/10

Season 1.2 has been pushed live this week and along with it comes two really cool new features.

Accolades – This works like Achievements in other MMOs, but with some improvements. In addition to gaining the achievement, you also earn some skill points (experience) and can unlock passive abilities in addition to many titles. Accolades are earned from reaching certain milestones such as damage done to enemies and completing key quests.

Squad System – Cryptic really pioneered this system in City of Heroes, when it was called Sidekicking. In STO it works the same, where a lowered leveled player can play with their fried who is a higher level.

Some other improvements include a really excellent revamp of the C-Store in-game and various other minor fixes. Season 1.2 is live now so you can just patch STO and get in. Lots of people are checking it out, so this coming weekend will likely be quite active in-game and PVP queues should be pretty good.