The past week has been a relatively quiet week in Star Trek Online, with only a few big events taking place.

One week ago today, Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich posted the latest State of the Game, which detailed the coming updates. Some highlights include diplomatic missions, ship interiors, Klingon PVE content, and mini-games such as Dabo. Prior to that big update they’ll be patching in a new Accolade system and a Squad system that works like sidekicking/mentoring in other games.

Players were able to check out some of these updates when they logged into the Tribble test shard on Monday to play with the devs. While the event was delayed a bit with Tribble coming down when it was meant to start, the new updates look pretty cool.

I’m an achievement whore on Xbox Live and WoW, and the new Accolade system works similarly to WoW’s achievements if you’re familiar with them. When I logged onto Tribble I was bombarded with Accolade updates and titles. That’s right, a bunch of the Accolades unlock new titles. There’s a graphical “medal” style interface for them, and it’s all pretty slick. I can’t wait for the next patch to hit if only for this feature.

In terms of community, the game seems to be doing pretty well in that department. Zone chat while on the Earth Starbase is almost always very active (think Trade Chat from WoW, but with less stupid). For example, last night there was a lively debate over EVE Online and why people play STO over that SciFi MMO.

Rounding out the week, Cryptic has a Memorial Day C-Store sale going on until Tuesday where everything’s 20% off. Now’s the time to grab the Pakleds off the C-Store and form a “Special” Fleet.