Star Trek II Release Date

So Star Trek II is set for June 2012. Although there isn’t a script or story yet, there are some things they can improve upon in the sequel.

Fix the engine room: Please, please, ditch the Bud plant in the sequel. Just explain that the ship had a refit. Seeing a modern day industrial plant tore you right out of the first movie.

The Shatner issue: You can’t have old Kirk as he’s dead. Why not put Harry Mudd in the movie and have Shatner play him? Mudd isn’t too far a leap from Denny Crane.

Kahn is not needed…yet: Everyone wants Kahn, but they shouldn’t rush into a remake of the first Star Trek II. They could introduce Kahn in the first sequel, and end it with Kirk marooning him and Kahn promising his wrath to come.