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Is Harry Styles Headed to the MCU?

Earlier today Harry Styles fans on social media were sent into a frenzy over a Tweet that said he would be appearing in an upcoming Marvel movie.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Kris Tapley of Netflix hinted that Styles was in a Marvel movie that no one knew about:

Is it true? Well the Tweet was quickly deleted, possibly due to Harry Styles fans going insane in his mentions, however Tapley made an almost identical Tweet a back in May saying that WWE Superstar Becky Lynch would also be in a MCU movie. There’s always a possibility that both Tweets are jokes, making fun of how almost everyone is appearing in Marvel movies these days, and the Styles Tweet was deleted before it got out of hand and got his fans excited for nothing.

If it wasn’t a joke, Harry Styles would make a great Starfox in Eternals. In fact, last September Richard Madden said there were other unannounced castings for the upcoming MCU film. There’s a possibility that Harry Styles as Starfox could be what Madden was referring to when he said that.

Of course there are a lot of other roles that people would fancast him for (like Nova), but Starfox would be an almost perfect fit. Again, if the original Tweet wasn’t a joke.

Wondering Where the Eternals Trailer is?

Marvel’s big new Phase 4 franchise, The Eternals, is just about six months from release and fans are becoming a little impatient waiting for a first-look at the star-studded cast in action. When that will happen rests on the fate of one movie that’s only a couple months away.

Simply put, the fate of the Eternals teaser trailer rests with what will happen with Black Widow. Until they know if that movie will be delayed out of November or not, everything is in a holding pattern.

If Black Widow is delayed to 2021, then the entire MCU slate will shift again. However, if Black Widow becomes a Disney+ Premier Access movie like Mulan (and Soul is rumored to be), and Eternals is able to retain its February release date; then we’d see a release of the teaser trailer.

We know there was a trailer produced earlier this year, which would’ve been released online in early-to-mid April and then in theaters with Black Widow in May. However as everyone knows the pandemic delayed everything, and most recently we saw word that the Eternals teaser was localized; meaning they were preparing it for a worldwide release. As the trailer is ready to go, once they’re certain of the fate of Black Widow; we’ll probably see it pretty quickly.

Could Marvel Trailers Return With Live Sports?

Marvel fans are starving for information about the upcoming Disney+ shows and movies that would’ve released in 2020, such as Eternals. Those waiting to see anything new might not have long to wait if history is anything to go on.

Marvel Studios, and Disney in general, likes to use their anticipated trailers to draw people (and ratings) to places like ESPN during live sporting events. Disney has a long history of debuting Star Wars trailers during Monday Night Football, and they’ve used things like the College Football National Championship to debut Marvel trailers as well. Basketball has been used in the past too, such as when they debuted the Black Panther teaser during the NBA Finals.

This weekend we heard that Marvel is working on something related to Eternals. We know there was a teaser trailer completed that would’ve been released with Black Widow in theaters. That means there is a teaser trailer for February’s movie just waiting to be released. It’s also possible they could promote the two upcoming Disney+ shows (Falcon and WandaVision) with updated release dates. While Marvel could obviously just drop trailers online at any time, history shows us that Disney likes to leverage their big brands to help the ratings of live sports.

In about two weeks the NBA will restart. There are going to be several games played on Disney’s ABC and ESPN networks, including some big match ups including a Lakers game. Based on the timing of everything, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if that Eternals thing that’s in the works were to show up sometime within the next thirty days or so on one of those NBA games on either ABC or ESPN.

Of course this is just speculation and I’m not saying it’s definitely happening (take note, Reddit), but it fits with how Disney has done things in the past. It also makes a ton of sense for them to use a teaser trailer for a February release (which would normally be shown in July or August) to promote the long-awaited return of live sports and give them a nice ratings boost.

Is Our First Look at Eternals Coming Soon?

The Coronavirus Pandemic threw Marvel Studios’ 2020 schedule into chaos, and that includes the promotion of upcoming movies. Prior to everything being delayed, there was a teaser trailer for Eternals finished. That trailer would’ve been released online sometime in the first half of April and then shown in theaters with Black Widow. Of course Black Widow was since delayed to November and Eternals was moved to 2021.

Now comes word that something is on the way related to Eternals. Amit Chaudhari on Twitter, who has very realiably relayed news surrounding trailer localization in the past, says he’s heard that something is in the works for Eternals and it might be coming soon:

Most recently Amit gave a very accurate description of the Black Widow trailer after localization began on that. Then he revealed when the localization version was delivered. For Black Widow he Tweeted about the localized trailer arriving on March 3rd, and then the final trailer was released on March 9th. So that might give us an idea of how soon this Eternals thing might show up…

It Appears Eternals is About to Begin Reshoots

With productions in Hollywood slowly beginning to start back up, we’re going to once again begin to hear news about what’s being worked on. Despite The Eternals wrapping production earlier this year, they still have reshoots to do. Before trolls try to claim this is doom for the movie, every major film does this as when you begin post-production and editing there’s always additional footage you’ll need to complete the movie.

Salma Hayek posted to her Instagram that she’s preparing for reshoots:

One of the things that was reportedly not done for principal photography was the design for Black Knight’s costume. If they decide to not do the suit entirely CGI, perhaps we’ll get a look at it when set photos of the reshoots begin to surface.

Exclusive: Marvel Still Has Plans for Starfox in the MCU

Next years Eternals apparently went through many different changes before, and during, filming. Some of those changes most likely included character changes as casting information prior to the filming was very different than what we know so far about the movie. For example, the role that became Dane Whitman/Black Knight was originally being cast as a female archaeologist with the codename of “Karen“, and Starfox appeared in some of the early casting breakdowns.

But Starfox is too big of a character to just leave discarded. Marvel Studios still has plans to use the character as some point in a future MCU project. There are a lot of cosmic options on the way where one-time Avenger could show up, such as the Secret Invasion series that’s reportedly in the works or even something like Captain Marvel 2.

Starfox, aka Eros of Titan, is the brother of Thanos, and with future MCU movies dealing with the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame; it makes a lot of sense to bring in Thanos’ family (his father was previously named in Infinity War) to remind people of the Infinity Saga.

If he was indeed cut from Eternals, that also makes sense as could be given a bigger spotlight in a future project; as opposed to being overshadowed by that huge cast of characters we’ll see on the screen in February.

Details on the Eternals’ Rumored ‘Rushed Production’ Revealed

Last week a rumor was publicly surfaced on social media about the production of Eternals, which was being discussed among movie reporters for several months. This probably wasn’t going to come out until closer to the film’s release, when set reports start being published, but it surfaced online following the movie’s delay to February 2021.

MCU Cosmic Patreons already know these details after this weekend’s podcast, but now they’re out for everyone to see for themselves. Daniel Richtman told The Direct how the script was reportedly not completely finished when production started and the biggest thing was that the design of the Black Knight costume wasn’t complete. That’s something that’s going to be fixed in post-production and possible reshoots.

Recently one of the VFX houses said they were working remotely, before word came out their contracts were cancelled. The delay of Eternals will give them a little more time to polish the movie, assuming everything with this virus works out and they don’t have to shift the whole slate again.

Eternals VFX Work Possibly on Hold

Last week Marvel shuffled the entire MCU slate and delayed Eternals until February 2021 from its original November release date. As with everything right now, things are a bit chaotic, and now it appears that some of the VFX work for the movie may be on hold due to the delay.

Recently Scanline, one of the studios who is working on the visual effects for Eternals, revealed that they were able to work on the effects remotely. Now a layout artist at the studio says “a major client has canceled several of the large projects we had” and that they’re now out of work:

If one of those large projects was Eternals, it makes a bit of sense with everything else being shut down due to the virus. I’m sure once things stabilize and productions ramp up again the work will continue.

Rumored Eternals Funko Pops List Reveals Two Villains

It’s that time of year, when merchandise for upcoming fall releases will begin to leak out. While there aren’t pictures yet, a rumored list of the Funko Pops for Eternals has surfaced, and it includes two names we haven’t seen connected with the movie yet.

In addition to the main team of Eternals, it looks like we’ll be seeing Arishem the Celestial and Kro the Deviant in the film:

Kro is a Deviant and is obviously one of the villains in the movie, while Arisham is the leader of the four celestial hosts of Earth; meaning he’ll probably be the prominent Celestial we’ll see in the movie. The movie look for Arisham was also revealed on the D23 Expo 2019 Marvel Studios mural:

Rumor: We Will See Atlantis in Eternals

Phase 4 is kicking off a whole new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there are going to be a lot of new characters introduced to audiences. It’s been long rumored that we’d see Namor pop up in the MCU, and many believe it’ll be in Black Panther II, but if you’ve watched the Infinity Saga; you’ll know how Marvel likes to set things up far in advance.

The Super Soldier Serum was introduced in The Incredible Hulk before we saw Captain America: The First Avenger. That movie then introduced the concept of Vibranium, before Wakanda was named in Avengers: Age of Ultron (before that it was seen on a map in Iron Man 2).

Much like the early references to Wakanda, a new rumor says we’ll get a nod to Namor in Eternals. The rumor says that at some point in the movie (possibly a montage or something) we’ll see the sinking of Atlantis on screen.

Eternals is set over 35,000 years in the MCU, and we already know that we’ll be seeing ancient Babylon in the movie. If we’re going that far back in the past of the MCU, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to show something like Atlantis sinking, which would of course be a big setup to introducing Namor for a bigger role in the future.