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New Rumor Says Rian Johnson’s Trilogy is Still Coming

There’s a new rumor that will make thousands of people online cry out in terror only to be suddenly silenced, which that says Rian Johnson’s trilogy is still coming; despite many people trying to claim otherwise.

The rumor comes from LRM Online, which was originally known as Latino Review, and they have been known to break some pretty big scoops in the past. They recently said that Taika’s Star Wars movie wouldn’t arrive before 2024, and now they have an update on Rian’s trilogy:

“From my source at Lucasfilm, the Rian Johnson Star Wars films are still on track and will be released after the Taika Waititi Star Wars film.”

Lucasfilm currently has three release dates staked out for Star Wars movies:

December 16, 2022
December 20, 2024
December 18, 2026

If the Taika movie isn’t until 2024, then it could mean the first Rian Johnson movie will arrive on the 2026 date (if Lucasfilm doesn’t add any additional release dates before then). Of course this brings up the question as to what the 2022 movie will be, but it does seem like it’s still happening as Lucasfilm just rescheduled the 2022 Star Wars Celebration to four months before that release date and they traditionally like to use Celebration to promote a movie coming that year.

Taika Waititi is Officially Directing and Co-Writing a Star Wars Movie!

How’s this for a big of big happy May the 4th news? While it was reported in the Hollywood Trades in the past, and Taika kind of dodged the story, it’s now official: Taika Waititi is directing and co-writing a Star Wars movie.

The Official Site broke the news this morning, confirming that Taika will be directing an untitled Star Wars movie and writing it with Acadamy Award-nominee Krysty Wilson-Cairns who most recently wrote the amazing 1917.

Lucasfilm also confirmed the recent report that Leslye Headland would write and showrun a new Star Wars series on Disney+.

With Thor: Love and Thunder set for February 2022, it’s doubtful that Taika’s movie will be the December 2022 one. We’ll have to wait and see where his movie lands on the release schedule.

Writers Have Been Tapped for a New Star Wars Movie!

We know that Disney has three Star Wars dates claimed in 2022, 2024, and 2026; but no one knows that movies are going there. Previous reports in December said that we’d hear something about the 2022 movie in January, but the month came and went without any news.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Sleight writer J.D. Dillard and the writer on several Marvel television shows Matt Owens have been hired to write a new Star Wars movie that’s in development. They say it’s not known if it’s for theatrical release or Disney+, but this is separate from the Kevin Feige movie and Rian Johnson’s movies.

This is just speculation, but it could be connected to whatever movie the Game of Thrones duo were working on prior to leaving Lucasfilm for Netflix a few months ago. That was always a third movie in development, and as this isn’t the Feige or Johnson one; that remains a possibility.

Lucasfilm Wants Taika Waititi To Make a Star Wars Movie!

I think this is something every Star Wars fan really wants to see. Taika Waititi, the director of Thor Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder, as well as the voice of IG-11 in The Mandalorian and the director of one of the best episodes, is being courted by Lucasfilm to make a Star Wars movie.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news today, and they say it seems like this is separate from the Star Wars movie that Kevin Feige is in the process of developing.

It also isn’t known if this is the December 2022 movie or not, but with Taika getting ready to make Thor: Love and Thunder in August for a November 2021 release, it might cut things too close to also do a Star Wars movie releasing just a year later. So this is probably one beyond that 2022 movie, which we’re supposed to hear some news about soon.

Some Kind of Star Wars Movie Announcement is Expected in January

The Skywalker Saga may be coming to a close in thirty days, but Lucasfilm isn’t ending the franchise. In addition to several very secret Disney+ series in the works, there will be more Star Wars movies coming.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Star Wars movie announcement is due in January:

Sources say Kennedy has a film on deck for 2022, but not the one being developed by The Last Jedi filmmaker Rian Johnson. (No announcement is planned until January.) 

This is sooner than many expected, as a lot of fans were thinking that Lucasfilm would wait until Star Wars Celebration next year to reveal new movies. But if THR is correct, we’ll learn some details not long after The Rise of Skywalker.

Back in May, Disney officially announced three untitled Star Wars movies:

December 16, 2022
December 20, 2024
December 18, 2026

While some people might think the 2022 movie was cancelled when the Game of Thrones duo left; the date was still included on the official release schedule that Disney released to the media just a few days ago. That 2022 movie could be what they’re revealing.

Disney CEO Confirms More Star Wars Disney+ Series in Development

Today was Disney’s 4th Quarter earnings result, and as he tends to do on the conference call, Bob Iger dropped some news and this time it was for Star Wars.

When asked about the future of the franchise, he acknowledged the hiatus of the movies after The Rise of Skywalker (the next movie is in 2022), but talked about the Disney+ shows. He said that in addition to the three series that have been announced Lucasfilm has more Star Wars shows in development for Disney+:

“Star Wars has three television series that are in varying forms of production, and more in development for Disney+.”

Star Wars Unity has reported that some sort of Solo spin-off or “sequel” is in a stage of development for Disney+, but he said there were more shows coming, so there are all sorts of options where they can take Star Wars in the series format.

Disney is Trying a New Strategy to Make China Like Star Wars

Something people like to bring up to claim that “Disney killed Star Wars” is the franchise’s performance in China. What those people don’t know is why the franchise doesn’t perform well in the country, but of course they don’t need to be informed to make stupid statements on YouTube.

Basically for the entirety of Star Wars existence; the franchise wasn’t seen in China. I mean, the story of the original trilogy is about a ragtag band of rebels overthrowing an oppressive empire. You can see how that wouldn’t really be allowed there.

So you have an entire country that didn’t grow up with Star Wars like everyone else did, so when the seventh episode of a series came out over there; they simply didn’t react to it in the same way as rest of the world.

Today The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Disney has partnered with Tencent to publish Star Wars books in China. They’re going to translate forty existing books, and then make an original story for China set in the Star Wars universe.

Will using novels make people in China like the franchise everyone else in the world has been familiar with for more than 40 years? We’ll have to see if this new strategy works for them, because they really want that China money for Star Wars.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige is Developing a Star Wars Movie

Here’s the shocker of the century right now. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is developing a new Star Wars movie for Disney. He also apparently already has an idea of who will be in the movie, and it’s official enough to get an official statement from Disney’s Alan Horn.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news this evening, and has the following statement from Horn:

“We are excited about the projects Kathy and the Lucasfilm team are working on, not only in terms of Star Wars but also Indiana Jones and reaching into other parts of the company including Children of Blood and Bone with Emma Watts and Fox. With the close of the Skywalker Saga, Kathy is pursuing a new era in Star Wars storytelling, and knowing what a die-hard fan Kevin is, it made sense for these two extraordinary producers to work on a Star Wars film together.”

There’s no information at all about Feige’s movie other than he’s developing it. There’s no hint at a release date or how long it’ll be before it arrives. But this is an exciting time for Star Wars, with one of the biggest names in the world taking a shot at one of his favorite franchises.

Remembering a Time When Star Wars Was Truly ‘Dead’

If you spend a lot of time on the internet these days, something you’ll hear a lot of people claim is that Star Wars is “dead”. Despite multiple live-action television shows in production, more movies being planned, on-going comic series, new novels, and video games on the way; people seem to think the franchise is in some sort of danger of going away.

All evidence points to Star Wars being stronger than ever following the Disney purchase, but there was a time when Star Wars was dead and there are people who remember it well.

Following the release of Return of the Jedi in 1983, Star Wars was over for most people. Even though fans saw the two Ewok TV movies, the general public started to move on from the trilogy as there was nothing new on the way. Toy sales started to slow down before the line was ended, and the 10th anniversary of Star Wars in 1987 passed as something as a joke to the larger world.

From 1986 until the early 90s, Star Wars was dead.

We didn’t have live action TV shows. We didn’t have comic books. There were no novels being published yet. Outside of some video games, the only thing Star Wars fans had to keep their fire for the franchise alive was the West End Games pen and paper RPG system, where we could make our own content.

Of course all of that changed in 1991 when on a family vacation to Walt Disney World I went into the Star Trader near Star Tours and saw the first new bit of Star Wars content in years:

The publication of Heir to the Empire, and its launching of the Expanded Universe, ended the Dark Times. Star Wars was kicking itself back to life, and not just for fans. The public became aware that the franchise was in some way reviving.

Timothy Zahn’s book kicked off a renaissance for Star Wars that led to things such as the heyday of Lucasarts and their classic games, new comic series being published, new releases of the trilogy on home video, and then eventually the Special Editions and the Prequels.

Star Wars was alive again, just like it is today. If Disney hadn’t purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, chances are very strong that the franchise could be dead by now. But thanks to the purchase, Star Wars is going to be around forever.

So the next time you see someone claiming Star Wars is dead, look around at all of the Star Wars content we’re getting on a regular basis. In the Dark Times of 1986, fans would’ve never dreamed of what we have today.

Aftermath: Life Debt Reveals the Identity of Supreme Leader Snoke (Spoilers)

By far one of the biggest mysteries surrounding The Force Awakens is the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke. Fans have theorized who he could be since even before the movie was released (and no, it’s not Darth Plagueis). With the release of Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt today, we have a pretty clear idea of who he was.

One thing to remember about Snoke is that he said he saw the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire. That means he’s pretty old. Well in Life Debt, we’re introduced to a character that fits his description and is an extreme loyalist to Palpatine’s original vision.

The mysterious Fleet Admiral from Aftermath is named Gallius Rax, and in Life Debt we get his backstory. A lot of things match up to him being Supreme Leader Snoke during the time of The Force Awakens…

  • Rax is an orphan living on Jakku during the time of the Galactic Republic and he is befriended by Sheev Palpatine who appears to be doing Sithy things on the planet.
  • Gallius has Force Sensitivity and is actually able to resist the power of Palpatine, which of course makes him very valuable to the future Emperor.
  • Rax becomes a puppet master and special advisor to the Emperor. He’s the one pulling the strings behind the scenes.
  • When Rae Sloane looks at him, it’s like she’s looking at a hologram.
  • He’s described as being very pale and his eyes as black holes.
  • He believes it’s very important for the Empire to recruit children and indoctrinate them at a young age. This is exactly what the First Order does as opposed to a clone army in The Force Awakens.
  • By the end of the book he’s calling himself Emperor Rax.

The book doesn’t come out and name Gallius Rax as Supreme Leader Snoke, but there’s still a third book in this trilogy coming called “Empire’s End”. Life Debt ends right as the Battle of Jakku is about to start. It won’t be surprising if Rax ends up beaten and scarred by the end of that book and takes on the name Supreme Leader Snoke as the First Order begins to form…

Our friend Max over at The Star Wars Post has done a great (and extremely in-depth) analysis of why Rax is Snoke. You can read his breakdown here.