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Solo: A Star Wars Story Expected to Continue on Disney+

For a long time, Star Wars fans have wanted to see a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story. For many reasons, one of which is how they didn’t release footage from the movie until three months before release, the film did underperform at the box office. In the year following that release, Solo has become a real cult favorite with fans demanding a continuation using the #MakeSolo2Happen hashtag.

Back in September I ran a rumor that I’ve been hearing that some kind of spin-off of Solo was being planned as a series for Disney+. In the months since then, it sounds like that idea has evolved greatly. With Disney+ being the future of Star Wars, for now, and the movies being reserved for something else; that idea of a spin-off of Solo (likely involving crime syndicates such as Crimson Dawn and Black Sun) has evolved into a true continuation of where the story left off at the end of the 2018 film. That does mean the same cast, who are expected to return.

This is likely what Alden Ehrenreich meant recently when he told Esquire, “”I’ve heard soooome stuff, but nothing concrete” when asked about his future in Star Wars. Recently, Kessel Run Transmissions reported that Donald Glover was close to returning to the Lando role. In February I reported that Disney really wanted to find a way to bring Lando back, and it sounds like this Solo continuation will set up a future Lando series.

Recently there have been rumors flying around the internet about some kind of Darth Maul series on Disney+, but it sounds like those rumors are referring to this Solo continuation that’s expected to feature Maul. The only question up in the air is if Ray Park will be returning to play his body, or if Sam Witwer will get to do both this time.

That’s where this whole Solo Disney+ thing is right now. It started out as just a spin-off about the crime syndicates and looks to have now evolved into a full continuation; and it’s possible it’s due to the fan support of the original movie much like the #SaveCloneWars campaign that resulted in the seventh season for that show.

Donald Glover Rumored to Return as Lando

Back in February, I ran a story about the long-rumored Disney+ spin-off for Solo: A Star Wars Story that’s in some form of planning saying that Disney and Lucasfilm were very serious about trying to bring back Lando. At the time I didn’t specify which Lando it was (due to certain people who love debunking), but it was Donald Glover they were trying to bring back.

Today Kessel Run Transmissions reports that they’ve heard that Donald Glover has either signed on or is close to signing on to return as Lando. They stress it’s still early and could still fall through due to how busy he is with other projects. However, it’s a good sign that Lucasfilm’s efforts to get him to come back over the last few months were successful.

Kessel Run Transmissions previously scooped The Bad Batch before Lucasfilm announced it, so they’re building quite a good track record for themselves. Also, this Glover information backs up what I heard back in February about them really wanting to have him return.

The idea I heard back then was for him to appear in the spin-off that’ll likely deal with the Crime Syndicates like Crimson Dawn and Black Sun, but then he’ll get his own Lando series following that. They did set up a Lando series with the ending of The Rise of Skywalker with the original Billy Dee. Even so, Lucasfilm would obviously want flashbacks in that with Glover as well. Which means there are a lot of opportunities for the young Lando to appear in Disney+ shows.

Up next for Star Wars is the second season of The Mandalorian, which will arrive on time in October. Then both the Obi-Wan series and the Cassian Andor series will be filming back-to-back in Pinewood UK. This Solo/Lando show and the rumored Ahsoka series are obviously further out, but with Star Wars Celebration next month cancelled; Lucasfilm could always make reveals of what they’re working on over the next few months.

Every Star Wars Movie is Now Streaming on Disney+

It’s taken a little while thanks to that lingering Netflix content deal that Disney was part of prior to the creation of Disney+, but as of today in the US all of the Star Wars movies are now streaming on the service with the addition of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Disney+ version of Solo does have a slight bug that should be easily fixed in that the alien subtitles are not present in the Disney+ version, when they were in every other digital storefront version of Solo. That should hopefully be a quick fix for one of the most under-appreciated Star Wars films. Solo has been picking up so much fan support after its release, you can almost consider it a cult movie now.

There have been some rumors that some kind of continuation could still be in the cards. Not following Han and Chewie, but instead likely focusing on the crime syndicates set up in the movie such as Crimson Dawn and even showing Black Sun in live-action for the first time. Some rumors also point to a return of Lando in some way.

As with all of the other Star Wars movies on Disney+, Solo: A Star Wars Story is streaming in 4K.

A Small Update on the Future of ‘Solo’ and Disney+

You might remember back in September when I posted a rumor that there was some sort of spin-off or continuation of Solo: A Star Wars Story in the planning stages for Disney+. Now I’ve found out one more detail about that from a separate source that backs up what I heard in September, and more.

When the story was originally posted, it wasn’t clear exactly what form this sequel/spin-off would take. While I still think it’ll likely that the spin-off series will deal with the crime syndicates such as Crimson Dawn and Black Sun (being the first time the latter is seen in live action), Disney and Lucasfilm are apparently very serious about trying to bring back Lando. And there’s more.

During Disney’s last earnings call, it was hinted that future characters that show up in The Mandalorian could be spun off into their own series, and it sounds like that idea isn’t going to be limited to that show.

If they are able to bring back Lando in the Solo spin-off, it’s very likely he’ll also receive his own series on the streaming service as well.

Bob Iger said on that earnings call that for the time being the future of Star Wars is television, and from things going on behind the scenes it sounds like they’re taking that serious and planning to really expand the Star Wars universe with series on Disney+.

We can only cross our fingers and hope that everything works out and they manage to get Lando back for both the spin-off show and his own series.

Rumor: A Spin-Off of ‘Solo’ is Planned for Disney+

For the last few months, a #MakeSolo2Happen hashtag has been been picking up steam on Twitter as people start to discover Solo: A Star Wars Story on home video and realize that it’s actually really good.

While we’ll probably not see a sequel or continuation of Han’s story, I’ve heard a rumor that some kind spin-off set after the events of the movie is being developed as a Disney+ series. As details are scarce; some kind of underworld series dealing with the Crimson Dawn and other scoundrels sounds the most likely. Although I wouldn’t be shocked if someone like Lando were to show up…

Back in June of 2018, MakingStarWars reported that some kind of “Mos Eisley” film was in development at Pinewood Studios UK, and it was postponed when Disney changed their stance on the Star Wars spinoff films.

It’s very possible that like with the Obi-Wan Disney+ series, the work done on that Mos Eisley project is being repurposed for Disney+ and that’s what this “Solo” spin-off has evolved from. Lucasfilm never really throws away anything, as stories from the Underworld television series were repurposed for many different things over the last few years.

With no new Star Wars movie until 2022, Disney+ is where people will find new Star Wars content between the end of the Skywalker saga and the beginning of a new one. There are apparently some unannounced Star Wars projects for the streaming service (both live action and animated), and if this rumor is true; one of those will take its inspiration from characters or elements from Solo: A Star Wars Story.