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Snyder Finally Denounces the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut Toxicity

This blog is mostly being used as an archive for my other site content and I haven’t really felt any motivation to post anything for a while. Honestly I’m happy, and I’ve turned out a few offers to write for other sites simply because I’m enjoying not being involved. But something happened today I’ve been waiting since 2017 for.

Back in 2017 I broke the news that Justice League would only be two hours long. Immediately the death threats began because how dare I claim that “Zaddy’s” masterpiece would be cut down to that short length. But it was, and everyone knows what happened after that. It’s well documented in multiple places.

Yet despite many opportunities for Snyder to denounce the behavior of those acting in his name since 2017, he hasn’t…until now. Anthony Breznican has posted an epic history of Justice League on Vanity Fair, and got a quote from Snyder about the toxicity:

“I 100 percent think it’s wrong,” he says. “I don’t think that anyone should be calling anyone anything. I’ve always tried to give people in the fandom attention who do good things.”

Warner Brothers is in Development on a ‘Justice League: Rebirth’ Film

While fans are excited to see Zack Snyder’s Justice League sometime in 2021 on HBO Max, Warner is looking forward to the future of the iconic team and it appears that they have huge plans to bring the super friends back to the big screen.

I’ve learned today that Warner Brothers has begun development on a Justice League: Rebirth film which is separate from the Snyder Cut and not a continuation of that Justice League story. This movie is live-action, and is not animated.

It’s all very early but it wouldn’t be surprising at all if they were to approach someone like JJ Abrams to direct (due to his overall deal at WB, his stature, and Bad Robot’s involvement in other DC projects), and they might even be interested in someone like Christina Hodson to write it. She’s already involved with Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and The Flash (which will soft-reboot the DC universe prior to this new Justice League). If something like that were to happen, it would position JJ Abrams and Christina Hodson as being DC’s version of Kevin Feige where they have a plan for the future of the DC film universe and will execute it.

There have been lots of previous rumors that WB would want JJ Abrams to take a crack at Superman, and a Justice League movie is right up his big budget blockbuster alley after conquering Star Trek and Star Wars. It’ll also be a big way for DC to establish that they’re serious about these characters and making them a success on the big screen. As the “Rebirth” title hints, this will be a resurrection of Justice League and a reboot of sorts, which is again something JJ has experience with. I’m not saying he’s the one who’ll do it, but it’ll make a lot of sense if WB tried to get him for it.

Obviously this is going to be disappointing for one segment of the fanbase who had hoped that Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max would lead to a sequel to that and a continuation of that storyline. But Warner putting a new, separate, Justice League into development means they are moving on to a new future for the DCEU and it really does seem like they have a plan for it now.

Zack Snyder Confirms Dick Grayson is the Dead Robin in the DCEU

For a long time it’s been suspected that Dick Grayson was the dead Robin in the DCEU, as there was a “Grayson” headstone in the graveyard near Wayne Manor on the set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While there is some confusion based on comments about Suicide Squad that said it was Jason Todd, today we have confirmation it’s Dick Grayson.

Zack Snyder confirmed on Vero today that it is indeed Dick who was killed by the Joker and Justice League would’ve had a hint about it:

Everyone who reads DC Comics knows how one of the higher ups there who is no longer with the publisher (no, not Geoff Johns) famously hated Dick Grayson so much that it was almost a meme. Was it his idea to off Grayson or Snyder’s?

It’s Official! Zack Snyder’s Justice League is Coming to HBO Max in 2021!

What’s been demanded by people for two-and-a-half years is finally happening. It’s been rumored for about two days, but now it’s official. Directly from Zack Snyder: The Snyder Cut of Justice League will stream on HBO Max!

Zack and Deborah Snyder confirmed the news today during the Man of Steel live commentary on Vero.

The Hollywood Reporter says it’s unclear what form it’ll take, whether it’ll be a four-hour movie or mini-series. But they will be finishing the effects and bringing back the actors to record new dialog.

Jason Momoa Took to Instagram to Say ‘Release the F—king Snyder Cut!’

Today Jason Momoa posted an Instagram story on his page where he called for Warner Brothers to “release the Snyder Cut”, which may now be happening.

Although he didn’t say it in exactly those terms. “We’re just sitting around doing nothing. F-cking released the Snyder Cut, right? Release the f-cking Snyder Cut. What else are we waiting for? There’s some goodies in there. I’m just going to put this out there so hopefully… Generally, sh-t I put out there comes true, let’s hope it does. Release the f-cking Snyder Cut, baby!”

You can see his Instagram story in the video below (it’ll be gone from Instagram tomorrow):

What Changed to Bring the Snyder Cut to HBO Max?

Yesterday, every blogger on the planet (including myself) had to eat crow and admit they were wrong, as signs are legitimately pointing to some version of the fabled Snyder Cut arriving on HBO Max in the future. But this wasn’t something that was in the works for a while for the streamer, in fact it sounds like it’s something that was just decided this week.

As mentioned yesterday, as recent as exactly one month ago reps from HBO Max/WB wouldn’t comment officially but when pressed they were telling members of the media, “on the background there’s no deal for the Snyder cut at HBO Max.” That’s one reason why you saw multiple sites reporting last month that it wouldn’t happen, because people at WB and HBO Max were telling them it wasn’t going to.

But obviously something changed this week, and while there’s no official word yet what it was, it might not have been AT&T as some conspiracy theories are already claiming. It’s popular online to blame someone when something doesn’t go the way fans want. Look at how many people wrongfully demonized Geoff Johns over Justice League. That guy loves DC more than anyone on this planet and he was harassed endlessly as a pariah and blamed for the version of the movie that was released.

Instead it’s very likely that the cause of this change in the Snyder Cut’s status at HBO Max is the Coronavirus Pandemic. While the pandemic has been causing a lot of delays for movies, such as pushing Wonder Woman 1984 to August and shuffling the entire DC slate, in this case it’ll give people something they’ve been demanding for years.

Film and TV production is shut down in Hollywood, and big hitters for HBO Max like the Friends Reunion have been delayed as a result. For a new streaming service like HBO Max, content is the most important thing they could have, and with production shut down and slow to restart; they want to find anything they can throw up on the service while they’re waiting for things to ramp up again.

Zack Snyder had an assembly cut of Justice League collecting dust, fans have been screaming to see it, and it wouldn’t take much to make that something for the streaming service. Other studios are doing similar things, such as how Disney is putting Hamilton on Disney+ as they had it finished and just waiting for a theatrical release next year.

So instead of trying to blame some faceless boogyman at AT&T for this, people might want to be looking at the virus that’s turned Hollywood upside down when figuring out what changed to bring the Snyder Cut to HBO Max.

Yes, It Appears The Snyder Cut May Arrive in Some Form on HBO Max

There might be peace on Social Media and those who run Warner Brothers’ various DC-releated accounts may finally be able to look at the replies to their posts again, as those who have been spamming #ReleaseTheSnyderCut for two-and-a-half years might finally be getting something in return; even if it might not be exactly how they imagined it.

Last month, both FandomWire and The Illuminerdi ran stories citing a source at Warner Brothers who said there was no deal in place for the Snyder Cut at HBO Max. I can confirm what they based those stories off of, as I saw the email message too. An unnamed source at WB was telling people “off the record” that there was no deal in place. Either at the time there was no deal, or they were just trying to deflect.

But now, it’s sounding like things have changed.

Earlier in the week, Heroic Hollywood reported that Snyder screened a version of his assembly cut for Warner Brothers. That kind of backs up the FandomWire report that says WB met with Snyder about the cut, which they claimed would cost about $20 million to finish (including new filming). And now multiple reliable sources are saying something is coming, but no one can agree on what form it’ll be, although whatever it turns out to be will stream on HBO Max.

There is also information about health insurance and medicines that are used at work.

Some are claiming it’ll be a mini-series. Others think it could just be the movie. And there’s a possibility it’ll be “as is”, presented as a workprint or something similar; much like how Warner Brothers officially released the Blade Runner workprint cut on the five-disc Blu-ray set years ago, although this would be on HBO Max and not Blu-ray.

Even if it is released “as is” with unfinished effects and maybe even storyboard filling in gaps, it’d be enough to drive people to subscribe to HBO Max if only out of curiosity of what could’ve been.

Fan Uses Deepfakes to ‘Fix’ Superman’s Face in Justice League

Everyone knows the disaster that was Henry Cavill’s CGI jaw in Justice League. When they were doing the reshoots for the movie, and he was filming Mission Impossible, he wasn’t allowed to shave off his epic mustache from that movie; so Warner had to CG his entire jaw in Justice League. Apparently the effects crew even offered to CG a mustache on him in Mission Impossible, as that’s much easier than rebuilding an entire jaw, but those filmmakers wouldn’t have it.

Of course, the end result spawned endless memes on the Internet for how terrible and creepy it looked, but now a fan on YouTube has attempted to fix it using a technology that wasn’t really around just three years ago.

Using deepfakes, YouTuber Jarkan attempted to fix the opening scene of the movie where Superman is being interviewed by two kids using their cellphone. Aside from the nose appearing to be broken, it is an improvement over the original CG jaw in Justice League:

Zack Snyder Teases Additional Footage Needed For a ‘Snyder Cut’

We don’t, and won’t ever, talk much about the “Snyder Cut” here on DCEU Mythic. Partially due to how the followers of that treat other people, but mostly due to Warner Brothers wanting to move on instead of investing a lot of money to re-release a three-year-old movie when they have a full slate of releases on the way.

Over the last few weeks, Zack Snyder was holding a contest to again try to drive more people to the Vero app where fans could design a poster for the “Snyder Cut”. While some strung others along making them think the contest would end with an announcement of a release, the reality is the prize is a slate used on the set of the movie.

On the back of the slate is a new message that mentions additional footage being filmed, with the caveat that “in the unlikely and purely speculative event that such photography is needed”:

This coincides with Snyder saying back in December that the cut isn’t 100% finished, and additional footage would make sense as he left the movie prior to reshoots being done:

If there is additional footage that needs to be filmed, it kind of hurts the argument that a 100% finished version is just lying around and evil Warner is preventing it from being released. Filming additional footage would also be a challenge with people like Ben Affleck not likely returning.

Obviously this won’t discourage the “true believers” at all, as people will still spread that the cut is finished.

Ben Affleck Has Closed the Door Forever on Batman

Despite the excitement for seeing Matt Reeves’ The Batman among DC fans, there remains that small group who are holding out hope that in some way the Snyder era Batman will continue with Ben Affleck. It seems like that door is closed. Forever.

In an interview with DeWayne Hamby for his new movie The Way Back, Affleck is asked if that door is closed forever and he said:

“Yeah. I had the opportunity to write, and direct, and kind of star in a standalone Batman. And it, you know, kind of just happened at a point in my life when I kind of lost interest in those stories. I’ll go see Robert’s, I think it’s gonna be great, he’s great but this is the kind of story I’m interested in telling now.”

He was asked about twenty years in the future with a Dark Knight Returns and he laughed:

“Maybe a very old Batman would be interesting, with a walker.”

That interview makes it sound pretty definitive that he’s done and completely moved on from the cowl. Hopefully fans online will as well and look forward to more coming about The Batman over the next year before its release in summer 2021.