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Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop is Confirmed

Ever since July, when The Illuminerdi reported that Hailee Steinfeld had signed on officially as Kate Bishop in the MCU, there have been several movie fan sites going hard in an attempt to debunk the casting; even claiming an unknown would get the role instead.

Well today, as I said just yesterday, there are now set photos of Hailee on the set of Hawkeye in costume as Kate Bishop.

If I wanted to be a dick, I could post the receipts of all of the sites that spent the last four months trying to claim she didn’t have the role and some imaginary unknown would be cast instead and are now gleefully running stories about her casting like none of that debunking ever happened. But I’ve beyond all of that stupid scooper drama BS now.

Hailee Steinfeld is Kate Bishop

The other day I posted how December wasn’t going to be that great for those people and websites who still were trying to claim that Hailee Steinfeld wouldn’t be Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, and as today’s the first of the month; it’s already beginning for them.

Hailee made an Instagram post to mark her upcoming birthday. Although she is a Sagittarius and the symbol of that zodiac is the archer, the choice of the photo that looks like Kate Bishop and the fact that the directors of the Hawkeye series responded with three purple hearts pretty much seals it.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Hailee was going to be Kate Bishop way back in September of 2019. In the year+ since then a lot has happened, such as a pandemic, but she was always Marvel’s first choice for the character.

Earlier in 2020 when there was uncertainty about the Apple TV+ Dickinson situation and a desire to film Hawkeye in the summer, Marvel did meet with a few actresses as a backup plan. That’s why you are still seeing some people (who don’t know what they’re talking about) being adamant that Hailee isn’t going to be Kate Bishop. Many of the same sites claiming that were also wrong about Ms. Marvel, as they were pushing a Disney Channel actress who was teasing things on social media as the “most likely” choice.

Then the pandemic hit. Around early March, right when everything locked down, it sounded like Marvel was leaning towards one of the other backup choices. That was before everything started to get delayed. As movies and shows were being pushed into later 2020 and even 2021, that also affected filming schedules and that changed a lot. When schedules began to become affected, any potential conflicts involving Hailee and Hawkeye were washed away and in July she officially signed on.

Of course that didn’t stop some sites from spending the last few months trying to debunk her being cast and pushing an unknown for the role, for reasons only they can explain.

With Hawkeye filming ramping up in both New York and Georgia, it’s possible spy photos of Hailee on the set could leak out soon. Which could be one reason for this backchannel “confirmation” of her role on her Instagram.

Hailee Steinfeld is ‘Locked In’ as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye

Back in July, The Illuminerdi reported that the long confusion over who would play Kate Bishop in Hawkeye was finally resolved when Hailee Steinfeld signed on. Now, Marvel Studios hasn’t made any casting announcements since SDCC last summer and all casting information such as this comes from the Hollywood Trades; and they broke the Hailee news last September. Since Marvel hasn’t made any announcements since July 2019 and the Hailee new was that September, some refuse to believe she’s been cast without an official announcement.

Now comes even more evidence supporting what was reported back in July. Today Daniel Richtman revealed a new casting grid for Hawkeye (which is probably a few weeks old) that shows both Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld as “set” in their roles for the series. “Set” means they’ve been cast and are locked into their roles.

Hawkeye will reportedly begin filming sometime this month, meaning those waiting for an official announcement from Marvel about Hailee Steinfeld will probably see spy photos from the Atlanta shoot appear on places like JustJared long before they hear anything from the studio. After all, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is nearly done filming entirely, and Marvel Studios has only officially announced three cast members in that film…

Clown is in Hawkeye and Marvel Has an Actor in Mind

Earlier this week The Illuminerdi ran a story about a casting grid of Marvel casting an Eastern European character between the ages of 20 and 30. Many people assumed this would be for Clown, a character who played a major role in Matt Fraction’s run on Hawkeye.

It does appear that casting is for Kazimierz Kazimierczak as the character will be in the Disney+ Hawkeye series, but before anyone wants to rush to audition for the part; it sounds like Marvel already has an actor in mind for the role. I won’t name him here (because it’s not close to being final), but the person they are eyeing lands in the higher end of that casting age range and they’re probably best known for playing a clown. Which would make it pretty funny if they ended up playing another clown in Hawkeye.

In Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye, Clown stabs Clint in his ears with arrows; causing Hawkeye to once again be deaf. Hawkeye was deaf for most of the 80s and 90s prior to being reborn in the Franklinverse during Heroes Reborn. From then until the Fraction run he was able to hear, so Clown restored him to the version of the character a lot of people were familiar with. There have been rumors that the casting of Echo in Hawkeye would mean they’re telling a version of the story where Clint loses his hearing, and including Clown would support that.

Has Hailee Steinfeld Signed on for Kate Bishop in Hawkeye?

UPDATE: In the 90 minutes since this story ran, the 99% went to 100% as the contract has now been signed. Marvel Studios has their Kate Bishop, officially.

The search drama over Kate Bishop might be over very soon. Today The Illuminati is reporting that Hailee Steinfeld has been “officially” signed as Kate Bishop. Technically she hasn’t signed on…yet.

According to sources, it’s not 100% official. It’s more like 99%. No contract has been signed, but it’s looking like it’ll happen. It can happen this week, but as of this writing the contract hasn’t had pen to paper just yet.

Back in March I reported that there was still a chance of Hailee getting the part despite Marvel meeting with two other actresses in February. What that meant was the during week that everything shut down due for the pandemic, Hailee was going to once again meet with Marvel. The thing is, the day she was going to meet was after the world shut down in that week in March; so there’s no way to know what happened from that meeting.

So that’s the current status of Kate Bishop. Hailee looks like she secured it, but it’s not 100% official as of this writing. It’s possible that it will be official soon, and if so you’re sure to see places like The Hollywood Reporter and Variety confirming it.

Disney+’s Hawkeye Will Have Multiple Directors

While Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian on Disney+ featured multiple distinct directors handling the eight episodes of the first season, so far Marvel Studios’ three in-production shows for the streamer have featured solo directors handling each series. That will change when Hawkeye begins production later this year.

Today The Hollywood Reporter revealed the Marvel has hired Bert and Bertie and Rhys Thomas to direct blocks of episodes in the series.

Obviously this won’t be the last we hear about Hawkeye over the next weeks and months as a lot more for the show is ramping up. Recently a casting notice for a character who is likely Echo appeared and is believed to be connected to the series, and we still don’t know who will be Kate Bishop yet.

Disney+ France Lists Loki, and What If? For 2021, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight For 2022

With the shifting of the whole MCU slate, people have been wondering what’s going to happen with the upcoming Disney+ series. If they will move along with those movies, and if the the order of their release will be affected with Black Widow‘s delay due to them being so closely connected with the films.

Disney+ has just launched in many parts of Western Europe and earlier this month (prior to the movie dates being changed), Disney+ France issued a press release detailing the future of the series. There are some real surprises in this, if these dates end up to be accurate. It’s always possible these have changed from the time the press release was created and the MCU slate was shifted. But here’s what Disney+ France lists for the MCU series dates.

2020 lists The Falcon and The Winter Solider and WandaVision, as expected:

Loki and What If…? are 2021:

Hawkeye is listed for 2022:

While Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight are later in 2022:

Once again, it’s possible these have changed since the press release was created, but these dates are from an official release from Disney+ in France.

Two Writers Join Disney+’s Hawkeye

It’s been a busy week behind the scenes for the Hawkeye Disney+ series. After star Jeremy Renner revealed on Instagram that he’s beginning to work out for the show, two writers on it have announced that they worked on the project.

Katrina Mathewson and Tanner Bean announced via Twitter that they worked on a dream job, the upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney+:

Following the Renner Instagram post where he’s beginning training for the show in March, and two writers revealing they worked on it, the July start date for filming is looking more and more likely.

Small Update on the Search for Kate Bishop

With Hawkeye rapidly approaching production this summer, and Jeremy Renner confirming the other day that his training is beginning for the role, the big question remaining is who will play Kate Bishop. There are also people out there hinting at things such as Hailee not being Kate Bishop and someone else getting the role, so I figured I should try to clarify what appears to be going on behind the scenes.

A couple of weeks ago I ran a report talking about how Marvel was exploring other options in case the Hailee Steinfeld situation couldn’t be worked out. Since then, word emerged that one of the two they met with (the one who was in a big-budget sci-fi movie recently) became a favorite and was very close to the role. Some people even thought that she was already cast, when I don’t think it was that final; just super close to happening. However there’s more going on beyond that.

While Hailee was always Marvel’s first choice for the series, it’s possible their interest has moved on to that other actress due to the difficulty over the last few months. Despite that, there soon will be an effort behind the scenes by one side to try to salvage the Hailee situation. It’s unknown right now if that will result in her being Kate Bishop, or maybe even a different role down the road, but things are happening quickly so there’s still a slight chance it ends up being Hailee. I’m also pretty sure if that happens the friendly narrative in interviews will be that she was always the choice (she was), despite some stuff going on behind the scenes.

I know some Hollywood Trades are investigating the whole casting situation around Kate Bishop and keeping an eye on it. So unless you see a place like The Hollywood Reporter or Variety confirming that someone is in “final talks” or cast, I wouldn’t get too stressed out over rumors being spread over one person being cast or not. Whoever it ends up being, the whole thing will most likely be resolved within the next few weeks as Hawkeye ramps up toward its summer shoot.