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The DC Cinematic Universe is Becoming the Batman Cinematic Universe

Batman DC Cinematic Universe

Everyone knows how popular Batman is, and now it looks like Warner Brothers is going to make him the center of the DC Cinematic Universe.

This week JoBlo revealed a whole bunch of cool stuff about the 2017 Wonder Woman movie. For instance, the movie is actually a prequel to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with the modern day stuff being set about eight months before the big team-movie that hits theaters in March. They also talk about the plot of the movie, which involves both Circe and Ares and does go back to the World War I setting where Wonder Woman first fought the god of war.

We will see the invisible jet in the movie, but even more surprising is that there will be a Batman cameo at one point. He’ll watch Wonder Woman saving some civilians and then meet up with her and apparently set up the relationship between them that already exists in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

That would make Wonder Woman the fourth movie (so far) in the DC Cinematic Universe to feature Batman in some way:

The DC Cinematic Universe so far:

  • Man of Steel – No Batman cameo, but Wayne Enterprises is referenced.
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Big Batman focus.
  • Suicide Squad – Big Batman cameo
  • Wonder Woman – Batman cameo

This is a similar tactic Warner Brothers’ gaming division does with the LEGO games they license. Even though the last DC LEGO title was basically a DC Universe title featuring every character in their roster, they still named it “LEGO Batman 3”. Even the LEGO toys that are released slap a Batman minifig in every single set even if it’s not a Batman central set. Green Lantern vs Sinestro? Sure, but be sure to put Batman in it!

Even though it’s only four movies in, it looks like the DC Cinematic Universe is taking the LEGO approach by making it a Batman Cinematic Universe. I’m not opposed to anything that helps it succeed, as I prefer DC’s comic universe to Marvel’s by far, but this is almost feels a little desperate if they’re going to slap Batman in every movie they’re doing.

5 Reasons Why the DC Cinematic Universe Can Compete With Marvel

Look anywhere on the internet and you’ll see fanboys arguing how DC’s Cinematic Universe (which began with Man of Steel) is doomed in comparison to Marvel’s. DC may just now be ramping things up, but in many ways they’re in a much better position with their shared on-screen comic universe than Marvel was when they started it with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk in 2008.

Warner and DC Own All Their Characters

This is a major thing that DC has over Marvel. Due to Marvel selling the film rights to their characters in the 90s, they have to dance around characters and concepts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s why you’re seeing The Inhumans becoming such a big idea in the movies and TV shows, as Marvel is forbidden from using the idea or name of “Mutants”. DC doesn’t have any of these limitations. Sure there’s the whole Captain Marvel/Shazam thing, but he’s been Shazam for such a long time in the comics that only nitpicking fanboys will complain about that. This gives DC infinite freedom in adapting the comics to the big screen.

Superman & Batman Are Household Names

Many fans don’t really acknowledge this, but prior to 2008 Iron Man was a C or D-list hero in the comics. Even though now everyone knows who he is thanks to the movies, his awareness can’t compete with how well-known many of the DC characters are. Thanks to their 75+ year history in comics, not to mention TV shows and movies over the decades, even your grandparents know who Superman and Batman are. This brand awareness is another huge thing DC has going for them.

Harley Quinn Confirmed for the Suicide Squad Movie

Following a weekend that experienced Heath Ledger-style freak outs from fanboys on the internet following rumors that Warner wants Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad, one member of the team has now been confirmed.

When the movie was originally announced, Margot Robbie of The Wolf of Wall Street was one of the rumored names that Warner wanted for it. Now Collider has confirmed that she will indeed be playing Harley Quinn in the movie, which most sane fans expected when her named popped up. She’s absolutely perfect for Harley, and it’s a good sign that David Ayer’s movie is on the right path.

While Harley Quinn is a member of the New 52 Suicide Squad, neither The Joker or the rumored Lex Luthor are. If they do end up putting Black Manta on the movie team, it’s starting to look a lot more like the Legion of Doom than Suicide Squad by being the anti-Justice League made up of the League members’ core villains. Maybe that’s the idea? Suicide Squad will begin as the team of villains it is in the comic, but then evolve into the DC Cinematic Universe’s version of the Legion of Doom.

DC’s Cinematic Universe is Lagging Behind Marvel’s Due to Christopher Nolan

Everyone knows that DC’s movie universe is way behind the curve compared to Marvel. While DC is kicking Marvel’s ass on television, the opposite is true on the big screen as there’s only been one movie so far in the DC Cinematic Universe. It turns out the reason for this slower output is because Warner wanted someone major involved in the movies.

The Wall Street Journal has a profile on Christopher Nolan and explains that due to the love Warner has for him, their DC movie output has suffered while they courted him:

Retaining Mr. Nolan for its key franchises has been a top priority at Warner. One of the reasons its slate of DC superhero films have rolled out more slowly than rival Marvel’s comic-book movies was the studio’s lengthy pursuit of him to produce a “Justice League” film and “Batman” reboot. He declined, though he did produce last year’s Superman movie “Man of Steel.”

That means if Warner wasn’t so busy chasing Nolan, they may have had a Man of Steel sequel out sooner than 2016…

Lex Luthor May Join the Suicide Squad Movie

The DC news keeps rolling in today. Following the Wonder Woman news this morning, it’s sounding like a familiar arch-villain may be joining the ranks of the Suicide Squad in their upcoming big screen mayhem.

Deadline reports that Jesse Eisenberg is being pursued to join the group as Lex Luthor. As the Suicide Squad is a relatively fluid lineup, adding or removing a villain here and there isn’t bizarre, but Lex would definitely be a big addition to the group.

Suicide Squad is being directed by David Ayer, whose Fury is in theaters now and is apparently pretty awesome. The movie will be out in 2016.

5 Things People Use to Bash ‘Man of Steel’ That Are Completely Wrong

This week, Warner Brothers officially announced the entire line up of DC Cinematic Universe films through 2020. As these movies were spawned from 2013’s Man of Steel, there is a fresh round of people spouting off dumb reasons why “Man of Steel sucks” based on their selective memory about the character, his mythos, and the movie itself. A lot of these reasons are just recycled from last summer where people spammed them on social media as if they were Superman experts, when in reality they were completely wrong and just making themselves look stupid by parroting the hivemind of negativity that so often springs up around big summer movies.

Here are five of the big reasons people attack Man of Steel, and why they’re completely wrong.

Superman Never Kills

“My Superman doesn’t kill.” That was one of the big complaints people had against Man of Steel, and it came from fans and comic writers alike. They seem to exist in a world where Superman has a “no killing” rule like Batman, which isn’t the Superman of the comics at all. You may think that “your” Superman would never kill, but Man of Steel isn’t based on “your” Superman. It’s based on the Superman who has existed in the comics for 75 years.

People with selective memory about the character probably don’t realize that unlike Batman, Superman will kill when it is absolutely necessary. Stopping Zod from terraforming Earth and killing every human? Yea, I’d say that was pretty necessary. These people also forget that Superman killed Zod in Superman II. But it’s easy to remember things selectively if it gives you a soapbox to bitch from on the internet.

Superman Didn’t Save Enough People

This concept is almost tied with the dumb “Superman doesn’t kill” idea. Due to the massive destruction in Metropolis, people bitched and moaned that it was completely against Superman’s character to not stop and try to save every single person in those skyscrapers. These people again have selective memories of the character, and likely never read many Superman comics.

One of the most famous storylines, 1993’s Death of Superman, saw similar levels of destruction in Metropolis as Superman was focused on stopping Doomsday. Even with the massive destruction in Metropolis, that wasn’t Zod’s goal. Zod wanted to kill every single human on the planet, by stopping Zod Superman saved the entire planet. So by saying “Superman didn’t save enough people”, you’re saying six billion lives aren’t as important as a few city blocks in Metropolis.

Marvel Calls DC’s ‘Flash’ Movie a ‘Special Kind of Stupid’

Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort wasted no time making a comment about DC’s new movie plans. The out-spoken member of Marvel management called DC’s decision to announce a movie based on “The Flash” so soon after the awesome television series premiered on the CW a “special kind of stupid”.

Marvel fans may remember that Brevoort was adamantly denying that Marvel was canceling Fantastic Four, which turned out to be a big fat lie. The final issue of Fantastic Four arrives early next year.

Warner Making a Standalone Aquaman Movie!

Less than a week after Zack Snyder defended Aquaman live on the radio, news has emerged that Warner Brothers is planning an Aquaman movie separate from his appearances in Batman V Superman and Justice League.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Warner has hired “Gangster Squad” writer Will Beal and “300: Rise of the Empire” writer Kurt Johnstad to pen two separate Aquaman scripts. Warner will select the best of the two as the basis for a live action outing for the King of Atlantis, who Jason Momoa will play in Batman V Superman and Justice League.

It’s not known yet which release date Aquaman will be slotted in, but there are many to choose from.

Warner Will Announce Some of the ‘Untitled’ DC Movies This Month!

Earlier this week Warner Brothers surprised absolutely no one by changing the release date of Batman V Superman, and then proceeded to actually surprise people by announcing nine new DC movies through 2020. Of course, none of those release dates has actual titles attached to them, but that will change this month.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Warner says we’ll hear some of the names shortly:

Fellman says that some of those untitled DC movies should begin to be announced later this month—Shazam?—and that the first real Justice League adventure might be closer than you think. Might they build on the momentum of Dawn of Justice in 2016 with a quick sequel incorporating more classic characters, rather than waiting the traditional two or three years? “While it hasn’t been officially announced,” teases Fellman. “I think it’s a pretty good bet.”

With Justice League filming back-to-back with Batman V Superman, it’d make sense for them to release it the following year instead of sitting on the movie.

Warner Announces Dates of Nine DC Movies Through 2020

Following the movement of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner has staked claim to nine release dates through 2020 for untitled DC films and two “Event Films”.

Speculation is rampant about what could be filling these dates, although most people expect that first one to be for Shazam. Rumor has it The Rock was meant to be announced as the star around SDCC but the announcement was delayed.

Untitled DC Film – 08/05/16

Untitled DC Film – 06/23/17

Untitled DC Film – 11/17/17

Untitled DC Film – 03/23/18

Untitled DC Film – 07/27/18

Untitled WB Event Film – 11/16/18

Untitled DC Film – 04/05/19

Untitled DC Film – 06/14/19

Untitled DC Film – 04/03/20

Untitled DC Film – 06/19/20

Untitled WB Event Film – 11/20/20

The two “Event Films” are likely Justice League movies. While putting them in November is strange compared to Marvel doing The Avengers movies in the summer, the holiday season could be a big time for a superhero team-up.