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Details on the Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut

batman-v-supermanEarlier this week Best Buy’s Cinemanow Ultraviolet streaming site accidentally made a SD version of the Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut available to view. They’ve since disabled the link so people have to wait until Tuesday to see the movie again, but that came after many people were able to watch the new and improved three-hour cut of Batman V Superman.

The three-hour version of the movie is clearly the original cut as it was intended to be seen, as this is a vastly superior movie that makes the theatrical cut look like a butchered version done just to get it under a certain runtime in order to allow more showings in theaters each day.

There really isn’t one huge sequence added that makes up the majority of the thirty added minutes. Instead, most scenes have more lines and footage added at the beginning or end to completely resolve all of the pacing and editing issues people noticed in the theatrical cut. A few examples are:

  • The opening Africa scene is much improved with additional footage. The scene of the men on horseback from the earlier trailers is restored as part of this scene. They’re CIA guys sent in after Jimmy Olsen is exposed and killed, but after KGBeast kills everyone in the compound.
  • There’s more dialog between Clark and Lois in the bathtub.
  • The African woman who sparks the investigation into Superman is an actress hired by Luthor. He makes her disappear thanks to KGBeast shoving her in front of a moving train.
  • Speaking of Luthor, his evil plan is explained better for those who didn’t pay attention during the theatrical cut.
  • Some scenes are edited differently. For example, the scene where Clark is cooking eggs has a TV report about Africa playing, instead of the Batman report in the theatrical cut.
  • There is a bit more blood in the action.
  • The Death of Superman is extended a bit with a new shot of Diana looking down on his corpse.

Overall, the biggest thing is that the pacing and editing issues so many people savaged the movie over back in March are completely gone in the Ultimate Cut. It really shows how chopped up the theatrical release was, and much like the Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut it massively improves the movie. Those who loved BvS will love it even more, and those who had issues with how the movie was put together may find something they like here.

Batman V Superman Sets Another Box Office Record

If shattering Easter Box Office records wasn’t enough, now Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has broken another.

The movie made $15.05 million yesterday, which is a record for the highest Monday ever in March, besting the previous record held by The Hunger Games by $5 million. This comes after whiny critics who were upset that they weren’t able to destroy the movie’s box office came out and predicted a huge drop.

With many kids still out on Spring Break, that will only help Batman V Superman’s box office as it heads into its second weekend. I’ve seen it four times, so you can parrot your critic talking points all you want, I love the movie and will continue to see it as long as it’s in theaters.

5 Things People Use to Bash ‘Man of Steel’ That Are Completely Wrong

We’re reposting this list due to the forthcoming release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was originally published in October of 2014.

This week, Warner Brothers officially announced the entire line up of DC Cinematic Universe films through 2020. As these movies were spawned from 2013’s Man of Steel, there is a fresh round of people spouting off dumb reasons why “Man of Steel sucks” based on their selective memory about the character, his mythos, and the movie itself. A lot of these reasons are just recycled from last summer where people spammed them on social media as if they were Superman experts, when in reality they were completely wrong and just making themselves look stupid by parroting the hivemind of negativity that so often springs up around big summer movies.

Here are five of the big reasons people attack Man of Steel, and why they’re completely wrong.

Superman Never Kills

“My Superman doesn’t kill.” That was one of the big complaints people had against Man of Steel, and it came from fans and comic writers alike. They seem to exist in a world where Superman has a “no killing” rule like Batman, which isn’t the Superman of the comics at all. You may think that “your” Superman would never kill, but Man of Steel isn’t based on “your” Superman. It’s based on the Superman who has existed in the comics for 75 years.

People with selective memory about the character probably don’t realize that unlike Batman, Superman will kill when it is absolutely necessary. Stopping Zod from terraforming Earth and killing every human? Yea, I’d say that was pretty necessary. These people also forget that Superman killed Zod in Superman II. But it’s easy to remember things selectively if it gives you a soapbox to bitch from on the internet.

Superman Didn’t Save Enough People

This concept is almost tied with the dumb “Superman doesn’t kill” idea. Due to the massive destruction in Metropolis, people bitched and moaned that it was completely against Superman’s character to not stop and try to save every single person in those skyscrapers. These people again have selective memories of the character, and likely never read many Superman comics.

One of the most famous storylines, 1993’s Death of Superman, saw similar levels of destruction in Metropolis as Superman was focused on stopping Doomsday. Even with the massive destruction in Metropolis, that wasn’t Zod’s goal. Zod wanted to kill every single human on the planet, by stopping Zod Superman saved the entire planet. So by saying “Superman didn’t save enough people”, you’re saying six billion lives aren’t as important as a few city blocks in Metropolis.

Last Week’s Reddit Batman V Superman ‘Review’ Is Fake

Last week a Reddit user called ViolatingNDA posted a “review” of Batman V Superman. It was linked by Heroic Hollywood and we collected the rumored things he said here, but it turns out to be all fake.

Birth.Movies.Death (who has read the script) says that the “ViolatingNDA” review of Batman V Superman is completely bogus, however that there is one review on Reddit that is actually accurate and they won’t link to it because of how many spoilers are in it.

What review is that? While it’s impossible to know for 100% certain, most people believe he’s talking about this review of the screening. Be warned, it’s very spoilery but if Birth.Movies.Death is correct, it’s a pretty accurate overview of what is in the movie this March.

Is This Robin in Batman V Superman?

Aside from the debate on whether or not the dead Robin in Batman V Superman is Jason Todd or Dick Grayson, people have been wondering who will play the boy wonder in the flashback scene. This is the scene that was rumored to be filmed during Suicide Squad’s filming that will show the Joker killing Robin as a flashback in Batman V Superman.

Heroic Hollywood says he’s being played by Zack Snyder’s son:

Zack Snyder’s hot shot quaterback son Eli is supposedly playing the dead Robin that was filmed with Jared Leto.

Backing this up is a tweet from Clay Enos who has done most of the black & white photographs released for the movie so far:

He could be trolling, or he could be confirming the rumor that Eli Snyder is the dead Robin in the DC Cinematic Universe.

New Look at ‘Nightmare Batman’ From Batman V Superman

When the Batman V Superman trailer came out this weekend, people were confused about why Batman would be fighting and killing people wearing Superman patches on their arms. It’s actually from a nightmare where Batman dreams of a future where Superman has taken everything over and rules the world.

Today a new image has come out showing Ben Affleck in this nightmare costume, and it looks pretty awesome:

Rumor: How Aquaman (and The Flash) Fit Into Batman V Superman

This morning we got our first look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and now there’s a rumor that details how his cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will work out.

It comes from Badass Digest, who explains the cameo as such:

As of the shooting script Aquaman is barely even present, showing up only in a survey of metahumans by Lex Luthor and then again at the very ending, when Batman recruits him for the Justice League (see: Dawn of Justice as the title). Now, it’s possible that as shooting has gone on and as the Justice League script has come into shape that something has been added to BvS. In the script Aquaman and Flash really just have cameos

Devin has read the script, so at one point this is how it worked out. It doesn’t seem realistic that they’d add more Aquaman to the movie beyond what he describes, so that’s likely how we’ll see him on the big screen next March.

New Batman V Superman Trinity Image

Not long ago a camera phone picture of a Batman V Superman Trinity image leaked online from a licensing show. It made the rounds but we didn’t post it because the quality was pretty crap. Now a Reddit user has found a clean version of the image from a Hong Kong Licensing show, and it’s good enough to post.

The big deal about this image is that it’s a new photo of Batman. The Wonder Woman and Superman images are of course taken from the officially released photos, but the Batman one is new and it’s the same “Sad Batman” image they put out when revealing Batfleck.

Henry Cavill Says Batman V Superman Isn’t Being Split Into Two Movies

We thought that image yesterday was fake (and said so three times in the article), but now it’s confirmed to be bogus.

There was a BAFTA party held in LA tonight and Variety got it confirmed from Henry Cavill that the movie will not be split into two movies:

As awesome as it would’ve been to have a Batman/Superman movie this holiday season, we’ll still have to wait until next March to see the team-up on the big screen. Does this mean the trailer rumors about Jupiter Ascending are also just guesses as some think?