The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Resumes Filming in the Czech Republic

We’ve known that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier already resumed (and likely completed) what little bit of filming they had to do in the US, but now the series has returned to Prague to resume the filming that was cut short months ago.

The Fandíme Filmu Facebook page reports that stunt teams are on the ground now and filming has resumed as of today, October 6th. They say filming will continue until the 23rd. Originally it was said that they only had about nine days of filming left in Prague, so this extended schedule is likely due to modifications in the filming needed due to COVID:

Even with filming coming to a close, the series isn’t due until sometime in 2021. With the recent shift of the MCU schedule, it’s possible that we won’t see it until Black Widow is in theaters.

The Batman, Flash, Shazam 2, and Black Adam Delayed

Earlier today Warner Brothers delayed Dune from its December 2020 release to October 1, 2021. As that was also the same date as The Batman, it was expected that we’d see a delay there as well. Now that’s happened and the entire post-The Suicide Squad DC slate has also been moved.

This is the new schedule:

  • The Batman moves from October 1, 2021 to March 4, 2022.
  • The Flash moves from June 2, 2022 to November 4, 2022.
  • Shazam 2 moves from November 4, 2022 to June 2, 2023.
  • Black Adam has been removed from the schedule.

As of right now, Wonder Woman 1984 hasn’t yet been delayed from its Christmas release. However if theaters remain closed then, that will probably be delayed yet again.

Jamie Foxx Will Return as Electro in Spider-Man 3


If that’s what you’re asking yourself, don’t worry so is everyone else. But one of the villains from Andrew Garfield’s second (and final) outing will return in Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man movie.

The Hollywood Reporter today confirmed that Jamie Foxx is returning as Electro in the third Spider-Man movie.

Right now there’s no official word on if it’s the exact same Electro from the Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man 2 or Foxx just playing a new version of the character. However rumors are pointing to it being former, and there’s some multiverse madness involved to have that version of Electro cross over from one cinematic universe to another. Wanda really messed things up with her little “vision”.

Sony had previously tried to get the Amazing Spider-Man Oscorp building in the New York skyline in 2012’s Avengers, but the VFX of the building wasn’t done in time.

Benedict Cumberbatch Says Doctor Strange 2 Begins Filming This Month!

With all of the focus on the Disney+ Marvel Studios series that have resumed production with more starting soon, the movies haven’t been getting much attention. But that will probably change later this month as it appears that’s when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will begin filming.

In and interview with Watchtime India, Benedict Cumberbatch says they’re in production and will begin later this month into the beginning of next:

“I’m in pre-production with the second “Dr Strange” film, which is very exciting. We will start filming in late October or early November.”

Previous reports have said that the Doctor Strange sequel will film in London and at Pinewood Studios. Recently it was reported that ILM would be building a Stagecraft set (or Volume) at Pinewood UK, but that wouldn’t be done until March. It was believed that would be used for Doctor Strange, but if they begin filming the movie this month it’s probably for something else.

Hailee Steinfeld is ‘Locked In’ as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye

Back in July, The Illuminerdi reported that the long confusion over who would play Kate Bishop in Hawkeye was finally resolved when Hailee Steinfeld signed on. Now, Marvel Studios hasn’t made any casting announcements since SDCC last summer and all casting information such as this comes from the Hollywood Trades; and they broke the Hailee news last September. Since Marvel hasn’t made any announcements since July 2019 and the Hailee new was that September, some refuse to believe she’s been cast without an official announcement.

Now comes even more evidence supporting what was reported back in July. Today Daniel Richtman revealed a new casting grid for Hawkeye (which is probably a few weeks old) that shows both Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld as “set” in their roles for the series. “Set” means they’ve been cast and are locked into their roles.

Hawkeye will reportedly begin filming sometime this month, meaning those waiting for an official announcement from Marvel about Hailee Steinfeld will probably see spy photos from the Atlanta shoot appear on places like JustJared long before they hear anything from the studio. After all, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is nearly done filming entirely, and Marvel Studios has only officially announced three cast members in that film…

Marvel Finds Their Ms. Marvel!

The long search is over, and despite what people on the internet have been claiming with fan-casts for the last few weeks; a newcomer will star as Ms. Marvel on Disney+.

Deadline reports that newcomer Iman Vellani will star as Kamala Khan in the upcoming Disney+ Ms. Marvel series. As Kevin Feige promised at D23 Expo, Ms. Marvel will then head to the big screen as a major member of the MCU.

This truly is Kamala’s year as not only will her Disney+ series begin filming soon, but she’s also the main character in Marvel’s Avengers game. Pretty soon she’ll also be on the big screen, and likely a member of the Young Avengers team that Marvel is starting to build up with the Disney+ shows…

Spider-Man: Far From Home Promoted on a Disney+ Ad

While all of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe films are now available to stream on Disney+, the service is obviously missing the three movies that aren’t owned by the studio. Universal’s The Incredible Hulk and Sony’s two Spider-Man movies aren’t yet streaming on the service, but now there’s a sign that one of those might possibly be on the way.

Last November when Disney+ launched, the studio said they were “hoping” that they would be able to offer the Sony MCU films, and now a banner ad on the ShopDisney Marvel section promoting Disney+ shows the poster for Spider-Man: Far From Home:

Now, ShopDisney has made mistakes similar to this in the past. Last year the description of a Genis-Vell Captain Marvel figure said it was from the movie, sparking people to run articles claiming the character was a surprise appearance. However, a text description on a product is vastly different than including a poster of a non-Disney movie on an ad for Disney+…

Nick Fury’s Return on Disney+ is at Last Confirmed!

Nearly two years ago on the MCU CosmicCast, I talked about how one of the series Marvel was considering for the upcoming Disney streaming service involved Nick Fury. This was before The Falcon and The Winter Soldier or even WandaVision were officially confirmed, and at the time I was attacked by larger sites calling this site “unreliable” for saying that a Nick Fury show was in the cards. Today, that bit of news has been confirmed.

Variety confirms that Samuel L. Jackson will return to the role of Nick Fury in a Disney+ series. They don’t say what show it’ll be, but it’s possible it could be the Secret Invasion show or it could be a young Nick Fury show with Jackson appearing to set up stories from the past, like the rumored Mace Windu show.

Marvel Studios is shooting three shows at a time in this pandemic era. Right now they’re finishing Falcon, Loki, and WandaVision. After that Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel will film. Then we’ll see She Hulk and two unannounced series start. This Nick Fury appearance likely is one of those other two shows.

WandaVision’s Sitcom Eras

One of the oldest “leaks” about WandaVision was that the show would explore and pay tribute to some iconic eras of American sitcoms throughout at least the first half of the series. As Wanda’s vision progresses, we’ll see nods to some pretty familiar sitcoms across history. The trailer for the show, as well as the big game spot earlier this year, has confirmed how each era is used.

The 1950s

When Wanda and Vision are newlyweds, the show is inspired by 50’s sitcoms such as The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bewitched, and I Love Lucy.

The Late 60s/Early 70s

Wanda and Vision want a family, and when she’s pregnant in the series; it takes on the look and tone of a late 60s sitcom such as The Brady Bunch.

The 1980s

We’re going to see the Vision family grow up before our eyes in the series, and when the twins are babies; we’re taken to the 1980s and shows like Family Ties and The Cosby Show.

The 1990s

When the twins are old enough to go trick or treating on Halloween, the series jumps to the 90s and takes inspiration from the “TGIF” sitcoms that dominated ABC on Friday nights during that era.

What’s Next?

We’ve seen forty years of sitcoms referenced up to the point where the twins (Wiccan and Speed) are around eight years old or so (based on the age in the auditions). What happens when they’re older and closer to the Young Avengers age? Do we see 2000s era sitcoms? Or is that when the series goes full epic Marvel movie and leaves the TV stuff behind?

Peacemaker is Getting a HBO Max Series!

John Cena’s Peacemaker from The Suicide Squad is going to star in his own HBO Max series, written by James Gunn and he’ll also direct some of the episodes. The news broke in the trades today, but Gunn addressed it on Twitter as well:

I actually knew about this back in July and teased it on Twitter:

I didn’t run a story as certain trade reporters like to debunk things until they’re able to break the news, and honestly I didn’t want to put up with that headache. Still, it’s nice to see it confirmed and I’m actually surprised we learned about it officially so soon. I guess the reaction to The Suicide Squad at DC Fandom confirmed they should reveal it.

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