Danny Elfman’s ‘Hero’s Theme’ From Justice League Released

As part of the reveal of the official soundtrack track listing, Warner Brothers has released the first track from Danny Elfman’s Justice League Soundtrack. This is the “Hero’s Theme”:

Justice League Soundtrack Track Listing

A user on Reddit has found the track listing for Danny Elfman’s Justice League score due out on November 10th, and Warner’s official soundtrack site confirms it. The track listing confirms a plot synopsis that was floating around for a couple of weeks:

1) “Everybody Knows” — Sigrid
2) The Justice League Theme — Logos
3) Hero’s Theme
4) Batman on the Roof
5) Enter Cyborg
6) Wonder Woman Rescue
7) Hippolyta’s Arrow
8) The Story of Steppenwolf
9) The Amazon Mother Box
10) Cyborg Meets Diana
11) Aquaman in Atlantis
12) Then There Were Three
13) The Tunnel Fight
14) The World Needs Superman
15) Spark of The Flash
16) Friends and Foes
17) Justice League United
18) Home
19) Bruce and Diana
20) The Final Battle
21) A New Hope
22) Anti-Hero’s Theme
23) “Come Together” — Gary Clark Jr. and Junkie XL
24) “Icky Thump” — The White Stripes
25) The Tunnel Fight (Full Length Bonus Track)
26) The Final Battle (Full Length Bonus Track)
27) Mother Russia (Bonus Track)

The user who created the plot synopsis legitimately did see Justice League, he shared his ticket to the screening that was held earlier in the month. This track listing is roughly chronological through the story of the movie and if you know the spoilers it’s easy to match up the track names with what happens in the film.

Notice there’s no Green Lantern track? Well, that’s because the Lantern thing people are hyping themselves up for isn’t what they think…

The Wonder Woman & Justice League Double Feature Confirms Justice League’s Runtime (Again)

Despite numerous confirmations coming out over the last 24 hours confirming that Justice League does indeed have a runtime of 2 hours and 1 minute, some people still refuse to believe it. Now there’s another big confirmation.

On November 16th, opening night, many theaters will do a Wonder Woman/Justice League double feature beginning at 6:00pm. Tickets for this will go on sale this Wednesday along with the normal Justice League tickets. According to Regal’s website that revealed the double feature, it runs for 4 hours 22 minutes.

If you know math, this one is easy to figure out.

Wonder Woman’s runtime is 2 hours and 21 minutes. This is a fact, the movie has been out since the summer and you can even own it on disc already.

If you subtract 2 hours and 21 minutes from 4 hours and 22 minutes, you’re left with 2 hours and 1 minute. That’s the Justice League runtime and what some people are still in denial over.

The majority of the people who have already seen Justice League are praising it and say it’s really good. So insecure fans who have a fixation on length should really calm down and look forward to the movie.

AT&T Releases Exclusive Cyborg and Flash Justice League Videos

Over the next three weeks you’re going to be seeing a whole bunch of Justice League promo stuff hitting. In fact, don’t be shocked if you start hearing some reactions in the next couple of days as there are rumors that the movie may be screening for exhibitors at ShowEast tomorrow.

One of the big things that just showed up is a mini-site AT&T launched and they’re posting exclusive character videos. So far they’ve released a Flash one and a Cyborg one:

We’re likely to see one of these for each of the League members, so keep an eye on that site for when they’re posted.

Fandango CONFIRMS Justice League’s 121 Minute Runtime

After withstanding a full weekend of death threats and harassment over simply relaying the news that Justice League will in fact be 121 minutes long, more and more confirmations are coming out that I wasn’t lying to you.

The most recent is Fandango’s managing editor who confirmed JoBlo’s report on the shorter runtime, confirming that the movie is in fact 121 minutes:

How did JoBlo know that 121 minutes was the correct runtime? Their editor actually attended the set visit in London earlier this year and ZACK SNYDER told them it was always intended to be shorter:

Of course, no one will apologize for the crap they put me through because they refused to believe it.

Confirmed: Justice League Tickets on Sale 10/25

Everything regarding the Justice League tickets has been in flux since I learned on Thursday they’d be going on sale this coming week. While they won’t be on sale tomorrow or Monday, I do now have the confirmed date.

Following some kind of ad on Tuesday night during Game 1 of the World Series (probably very similar to how a shorter version of the “Heroes” spot has played during the NLCS and ALCS), the tickets will be put on sale the next morning. There’s no exact time yet, that will come later after the ad plays.

It’s still possible some chains may begin selling Tuesday night during the game, but it sounds like it’s more likely they’ll hold off until the next morning.

This is much earlier than the previous rumored date of October 30th. And the movie is still 121 minutes.

Harassment & Death Threats From DC Fans Upset Over Justice League’s Runtime

On Thursday I found out that Justice League tickets would be going on sale this coming week and that theaters were given a runtime of 121 minutes. Yesterday I had two more sources confirm it to me, and I even today checked with AMC’s customer support and they confirmed it’s in ComScore Rentrak as the OFFICIAL runtime from Warner Brothers.

But since DC fandom is so toxic, I’ve been bombarded with harassment and death threats ever since I said their superhero movie was only two hours long. This is the reaction DC fans are giving over the RUNTIME of a movie coming out. Threatening to kill me just because I relayed the news of how long the movie runs:

And people wonder why bloggers instantly block DC fans on Twitter.

Thankfully my contact form captures IP addresses. I’ve opened a report with the local FBI field office, so if you’re the person who sent these harassing emails please be aware that federal authorities are now involved. Have a nice day!

Confirmed: The Justice League Runtime is 121mins

Yesterday I posted how a reliable source let me know that theaters were informed this week, by Warner Brothers, that the final runtime for Justice League was 121mins (or 2 hours, 1 minute). After a day full of harassment from toxic fans who didn’t want to believe the movie wasn’t three hours long, I’ve received more confirmation that the runtime is in fact 121 min. 

Two additional sources on top of the first confirmed it, and none are even remotely connected to each other. One has even seen the movie and says it’s definitely shorter than Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Wonder Woman. 

So far Regal Cinemas, AMC Theaters, Galaxy Cinemas, and the Atom tickets app are showing the legitimate 121min runtime. That makes sense as it is theaters who were told what the runtime is so they could prepare to put tickets on sale this coming week. 

Speaking of tickets, it doesn’t look like they will go on sale this weekend. Instead there seems to be some kind of plan for a major sporting event coming up, much like how The Last Jedi tickets went on sale. So I’d pay attention to the baseball game on Tuesday if you want to know when you can buy tickets…

UPDATE 10/21:

I decided to check with AMC’s customer support to see what they were saying, and they said it is the official runtime as entered into ComScore’s Rentrak. That’s the OFFICIAL database that studios use to report running times for box office purposes. If it’s there, it’s official:

Of course, that doesn’t stop people from harassing me and threatening to kill me for reporting on the runtime.

Rumor: Justice League Runtime is 121 Minutes and Tickets Possibly on Sale This Weekend

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about the Justice League runtime, with a whole lot of various placeholders being posted on theater websites.

Today the same source who correctly told me of the date that The Last Jedi tickets would go on sale informed me that theaters have been told that the Justice League runtime is 121minutes, or two hours and one minute. They are using this runtime to finalize showtimes, and tickets could go on sale as early as this weekend or on Monday. That’s earlier than the October 30th date that was previously reported.

The runtime could still be a placeholder and just something given to theaters for the purpose of programming tentative showtimes as some of the IMAX theaters show a three-hour gap between times. Also as the IMAX site is now listing showtimes, it’s very likely we will be able to buy tickets by Monday as that’s how it happened with The Last Jedi.

No, Rian Johnson DID NOT Say The Last Jedi Trailer Was Too Spoilery!

Yesterday morning Rian Johnson replied to someone on Twitter worried about avoiding spoilers. If you’ve actually left your house any time after Force Friday you’ve probably seen as much as the next trailer will show, but spoiler-phobes are still worried.

He explained in his Tweet that if someone wants to go into The Last Jedi without seeing ANY new footage, then they shouldn’t watch the new trailer. It’s simple logic. The only way to go into a movie completely clean without seeing ANYTHING from it is to not watch the trailer:

Of course writers in the field of ad-driven online media have to get clicks on their stories to maximize their page views so they’re flat out lying about Rian Johnson’s comments.

Neither of those things are what Rian meant with his Tweet, but the internet is lying to people today just to maximize their ad views by exploiting Star Wars fan’s worries about spoilers. They’re the scum of the Earth, and its for things like this that online media needs to go the way of AOL’s AIM…