27 years ago today…

So today is May 25th. 27 years ago, on May 25th 1977, Star Wars was released. As tradition, I’ll be pulling down my copy of the Definitive Edition LD set from the closet and watch the non-Special Edition version of Star Wars when I get home from work. It also means I’ll be 30 in just a couple years. Scary.

I also picked up the new two-disc Saving Private Ryan today. I’ll watch SPR on D-Day.

The Day After Tomorrow midnight showing is, well, the day after tomorrow and I can’t wait to see the new Ice Age arrive with thunderous Dolby Digital sound. Tickets are also on sale for Harry Potter for next Friday, but I want to wait and see if they put up a midnight showing next Thursday before making any plans.

In closing tonight, have you ever wanted something so bad it hurts, yet it’s something you cannot have yet cannot ignore? Such is my curse and the source of most of my pain.

…end of line.

E3. Yay.

So, E3 is over. It was fun, but I was tired from it for about a week. I got to see a bunch of old friends and play a ton of cool games. The SWG Space Expansion was cool, Battle for Middle Earth, Halo 2, Half-Life 2, Republic Commando, Metal Gear 3, etc. All kick ass.


Nintendo DS is ass.

New Zelda roxxorz.

Groan, I started playing SWG again. Swore I never would. But Jump to Lightspeed and the new Jedi system is just too cool to pass up. Lightspeed is like XvT online and I a dying to waste away time with it.

About to start playing Magic: TG again. People at work play, and if I limit myself to 1 pack a week I should be fine. No more multi-box purchases for me.

Day After Tomorrow midnight showing is Thursday. Gotta see that. Harry Potter is the week after. Fun. Lots to do.

Comic Con in just over a month an a half! I can’t wait!

…end of line.

First Entry

I decided to start this journal as a record of what I’m currently doing and playing. I play so many games I thought it’d be cool to have an archive of what I did each day.

I’m still playing a lot of WoW. Since starting a Dwarf Priest I leveled him to 6 and logged there. He’s about three bubbles from seven now. I want to try to get him to 10 before E3 this week, but I don’t know if I will be able to as I still have the Smallville Season Two DVD review to write for Andy. I really need to get on that…

I also picked up Transformers for the PS2. Impressive graphics and somewhat fun gameplay, I’ll probably play it off and on. Nothing overly impressive except for the graphics, but it’s cool just to run around as Optimus Prime and transforming into a car at the press of a button.

Just downloaded the E3 demo of Guild Wars. Extremely nice graphics for a MMO, but as Lineage II and this game shows, point and click movement should be banned from all 3D, third person, games. Extremely annoying. At least its free to check out over E3 although I’ll only have two days with it before the show.