Superman & Lois: Man of Steel By Way of The CW

Superman isn’t hard to get right. Donner got it. Snyder got it. JJ Abrams absolutely did not. But it looks like The CW is on the way to do so with Superman & Lois.

After more than a decade with the Arrowverse, the show is (at least from the pilot) very different from those shows. As good as they can be, everyone knows the budget can be low and the episodes can hit sub-Power Rangers levels of cheese. Superman & Lois is different, it desperately wants to be Man of Steel. From the look of the show to its soundtrack, it feels like The CW made their own Man of Steel fan film but with their patented melodrama.

The pilot deals with Clark and Lois’ twins both discovering they have powers inherited from their dad that they learn is really Superman. If you’ve seen any CW show you know how it plays out, lots of melodrama with a little bit of Superman mixed in to set up the season’s big bad. That’s not really revealed until the very end of the episode, but it hints at something from the comics we’ve been begging for in live action forever.

I’m happy. It looks like we’ll have a good Superman show to look forward to every week, and it seems to have ditched the sometimes-cheap look of the Arrowverse to be its own thing.

Snyder Finally Denounces the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut Toxicity

This blog is mostly being used as an archive for my other site content and I haven’t really felt any motivation to post anything for a while. Honestly I’m happy, and I’ve turned out a few offers to write for other sites simply because I’m enjoying not being involved. But something happened today I’ve been waiting since 2017 for.

Back in 2017 I broke the news that Justice League would only be two hours long. Immediately the death threats began because how dare I claim that “Zaddy’s” masterpiece would be cut down to that short length. But it was, and everyone knows what happened after that. It’s well documented in multiple places.

Yet despite many opportunities for Snyder to denounce the behavior of those acting in his name since 2017, he hasn’t…until now. Anthony Breznican has posted an epic history of Justice League on Vanity Fair, and got a quote from Snyder about the toxicity:

“I 100 percent think it’s wrong,” he says. “I don’t think that anyone should be calling anyone anything. I’ve always tried to give people in the fandom attention who do good things.”

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop is Confirmed

Ever since July, when The Illuminerdi reported that Hailee Steinfeld had signed on officially as Kate Bishop in the MCU, there have been several movie fan sites going hard in an attempt to debunk the casting; even claiming an unknown would get the role instead.

Well today, as I said just yesterday, there are now set photos of Hailee on the set of Hawkeye in costume as Kate Bishop.

If I wanted to be a dick, I could post the receipts of all of the sites that spent the last four months trying to claim she didn’t have the role and some imaginary unknown would be cast instead and are now gleefully running stories about her casting like none of that debunking ever happened. But I’ve beyond all of that stupid scooper drama BS now.

Fortnite Season 5

Something I didn’t get to write about a lot when I was running very specifically focused sites was video games.

And yes, I play a lot of Fortnite. I unlocked all of the Season 4 season pass except Wolverine as I just sort of lost interest in the Marvel pass towards the end. I have the Marvel skins I really care about such as Cap so I don’t mind missing Wolverine.

But Season 5 started this week and it includes both The Mandalorian and The Child…

Of course you get Mando just by purchasing the Battle Pass (like Thor), but if you want him in his shiny Beskar armor; you’ll need to complete various quests over the course of the Season all the way up to level 100 to complete the shiny metallic look.

The big carrot on the stick is obviously The Child. He’s a Level 100 Back Bling, with unique animations:

That means I’ll definitely be finishing up this season’s Battle Pass if only to unlock that Back Bling. I also enjoy the Star Wars skins more than the Marvel ones, I have the Stormtroopers, the Sith Trooper, Kylo, Finn, and Rey so Mando will go along with those well.

Hailee Steinfeld is Kate Bishop

The other day I posted how December wasn’t going to be that great for those people and websites who still were trying to claim that Hailee Steinfeld wouldn’t be Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, and as today’s the first of the month; it’s already beginning for them.

Hailee made an Instagram post to mark her upcoming birthday. Although she is a Sagittarius and the symbol of that zodiac is the archer, the choice of the photo that looks like Kate Bishop and the fact that the directors of the Hawkeye series responded with three purple hearts pretty much seals it.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Hailee was going to be Kate Bishop way back in September of 2019. In the year+ since then a lot has happened, such as a pandemic, but she was always Marvel’s first choice for the character.

Earlier in 2020 when there was uncertainty about the Apple TV+ Dickinson situation and a desire to film Hawkeye in the summer, Marvel did meet with a few actresses as a backup plan. That’s why you are still seeing some people (who don’t know what they’re talking about) being adamant that Hailee isn’t going to be Kate Bishop. Many of the same sites claiming that were also wrong about Ms. Marvel, as they were pushing a Disney Channel actress who was teasing things on social media as the “most likely” choice.

Then the pandemic hit. Around early March, right when everything locked down, it sounded like Marvel was leaning towards one of the other backup choices. That was before everything started to get delayed. As movies and shows were being pushed into later 2020 and even 2021, that also affected filming schedules and that changed a lot. When schedules began to become affected, any potential conflicts involving Hailee and Hawkeye were washed away and in July she officially signed on.

Of course that didn’t stop some sites from spending the last few months trying to debunk her being cast and pushing an unknown for the role, for reasons only they can explain.

With Hawkeye filming ramping up in both New York and Georgia, it’s possible spy photos of Hailee on the set could leak out soon. Which could be one reason for this backchannel “confirmation” of her role on her Instagram.

Deadpool 3

Of course you saw all the news this week that Deadpool 3 is officially in the works at Marvel Studios with the Bob’s Burgers writers being picked to do it. We’ve known it was coming for almost a year now. It was last December when Ryan Reynolds said on a morning talk show that they were working on it at Marvel.

But of course that didn’t stop the “creator” of Deadpool from running his mouth off for the last year claiming that Marvel had no plans to do a new Deadpool movie.

All I have to say about that is this:


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♬ original sound – John G Gillar

Moon Knight’s Director is Found!

Yesterday we found out that Oscaar Isaac would be the MCU’s Marc Spector on the upcoming Moon Knight series, and now the show has its director.

According to Deadline Mohammad Diab, the director of the 2016 film Clash, will be directing the Disney+ Moon Knight series. Unlike some of the other shows, such as Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel, it looks like he’ll be the sole director for the series that will introduce Marc Spector to the MCU.

With the first Disney+ series WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Loki either finishing filming or very close to it; we’re going to see Moon Knight, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel ramping up pretty quickly…

Oscar Isaac in Talks For Moon Knight!

We might have our Marc Spector!

According to The Hollywood Reporter Oscar Isaac is in negotiations to play Moon Knight for Marvel Studios. It’s not final yet, but if a trade is reporting it; chances are it’ll happen.

This is a huge name for Moon Knight that I don’t think anyone had in their fan casts. It also points to Marvel potentially having big plans for Moony if they’re getting such a big name in the role.

Tom Holland Arrives in Atlanta to Begin Filming Spider-Man 3!

After doing some filming in New York City recently, the bulk of Spider-Man 3 is about to begin in Atlanta; and Peter Parker himself is ready to go.

Tom Holland posted an Instagram story tonight of him on the tarmac in Atlanta confirming that not only has he arrived, but it is indeed for the filming of Spider-Man 3. No, he didn’t spoil the title just yet.

Recently Tom appeared on his dad’s podcast and said he’d fly directly to Atlanta from Spain (where he was filming Uncharted) and that he’d be there until March. So there are going to be several months of Spidey sightings to look forward to.

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