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5 Ways Civil War Faithfully Adapts the Original Comic Event


Avengers: Age of Ultron may have shared the title of a comic book cross-over event, but it really had nothing in common with the comic story Age of Ultron. Captain America: Civil War on the other hand is a surprisingly faithful adaptation of the popular comic event. Even though a Superhero Registration Act doesn’t really fit in the smaller Marvel Cinematic Universe, they actually got the major beats of the original Civil War pretty accurate in the movie.

Superhero Event With Mass Collateral Casualties

The comic book Civil War was sparked when the New Warriors leveled a small town while filming a reality TV show. In the MCU, the Civil War grows out of growing collateral damage caused by the Avengers. The destruction of Sokovia in Age of Ultron has a big part to do with this, but damage accidentally caused by Scarlet Witch while on a mission in Nigeria is the spark that ignites the Sokovia Accords.

A Mother Who Confronts Stark

Just like in the comics, where a mother who’s son was killed in the New Warriors event confronts Stark, the same thing happens in Civil War. This time it’s a mother of a son who died in Sokovia, and her confronting him is part of what sends him over onto the side of the government.

The Accords

It’s not the Superhero Registration Act, but the government oversight law in the movie is basically the same thing. The Sokovia Accords requires the superheroes to register with the government and be told where they can or can not go. It’s basically the same dilemma the characters in the comic faced, without the whole secret identity angle coming into play. There’s really no major difference between the Sokovia Accords and the comic’s Registration Act, they both have the same core effect.

Tony Recruits Spider-Man

Just like in the comic, Tony Stark recruits Spider-Man to his side. And just like in the comic, he makes him a new suit. The difference is in the movie Spidey keeps his secret identity and the suit Tony makes him is the one you see in the trailer. It’s to replace the home-made costume Peter was using for his first six months as Spider-Man.

The Secret Avengers

One of the cooler developments of the comic event was the idea of Secret Avengers. While they are never actually named that in the movie, that’s what you’ll see in the movie. Tony will be leading the “official” Avengers, the ones who are legal and with the government. While Steve’s team will be the Secret Avengers. It brings in one of the cooler elements from the comics into the MCU, and opens Phase 3 up to some very cool possibilities.

Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films (Updated for Captain America: Civil War)

It’s a pretty popular thing to rank the Marvel Studios movies from best to worst. Everyone seems to have their own personal list of which is the best of the current crop of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, so we decided to put ours out there. This list will be updated with the release of each new Marvel Studios film so here is how we rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe as of the release of Captain America: Civil War…

#1 Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films for bringing one of the most popular Marvel Comics stories to the big screen in a surprisingly faithful adaptation, while introducing a perfect Black Panther & Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It does all that while continuing to be an excellent Captain America movie and a fantastic third installment in what is now the best superhero movie trilogy of all time.

#2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Captain America sequel was the best movie Marvel made prior to Civil War, and yes it’s even better than The Avengers. It expertly adapts one of the best comic book story lines in the last ten years while at the same time seriously shaking up the status quo for the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie does all of this in the midst of a 70s-style political thriller that gives Cap a new sidekick and forces him to face his best friend who he believed to be dead.

#3 Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy may be the box office hit of 2014, and loved by critics equally as much, but as awesome as the movie is it just comes in a close second to The Winter Soldier. As fun as Guardians is, the writing in the Captain America sequel is much more solid, hitting the emotional highs and lows that the story demands. Guardians of the Galaxy is probably the best debut for any of the Marvel big screen characters, and as the stakes will be much higher we expect the sequel to easily dethrone the original on this list come 2017.

#4 Ant Man

Much like Guardians of the Galaxy before it, many predicted that Ant Man would be Marvel’s first flop. It’s anything but and is an excellent installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe mythos. It edges out Age of Ultron slightly by delivering some of the humor that many felt the Avengers sequel was lacking. It’s connections to the greater MCU are extremely cool, and it presents a great version of the Scott Lang Ant Man for future adventures in Civil War and beyond.

#5 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Many critics are trashing Age of Ultron to try to shove a mythical “Superhero Fatigue” story line down people’s throats. Age of Ultron builds on the success of the first Avengers movie, and improves on it by showing that (as in the comics) the Avengers team doesn’t have to be made up of the “Big 3” to be considered Avengers. The team line-up at the end of Age of Ultron is an interesting mash-up of Avengers and West Coast Avengers, and the sequel gets a huge plus over the original with the brilliant handling of The Vision…even in his limited screen time. If the original Avengers finally put a comic book world on the big screen, Age of Ultron comfortably lives in that world.

5 Things a Force Awakens Special Edition Could Fix

Despite what a vocal minority on the internet may think, the Star Wars Special Editions are actually the SUPERIOR editions of the movies. As much as people liked The Force Awakens, there are a few things in the movie that a Special Edition of it could fix or improve. Here are five:

Leia Hugging Chewie

Even JJ Abrams admits this is a mistake, and it was one of the biggest complaints with how the movie ended. It would require a new scene to be filmed, but with them doing two additional Star Wars movies it’s not like they can’t fit something like this in. Instead of hugging Rey, someone Leia doesn’t know, she should’ve went to Chewie who just lost Han.

Artoo Suddenly Waking Up

Abrams has explained that R2 suddenly wakes up at the end because it takes older droids a long time to boot up from sleep mode. But that’s not really explained at all in the movie and it leaves people scratching their heads how he can suddenly turn back on at just the right moment.

How Artoo Got the Map

Like Artoo suddenly waking up, there’s an explanation as to how he has the rest of the map but it’s also not in the movie. Abrams says that Artoo downloaded the Imperial network when he tapped into the Death Star in A New Hope. Kylo explains they have the map from their Imperial records, but there’s not enough connective tissue in the movie to let people figure out that Artoo also has the map for the same reason.

Restore Kylo in the Falcon!

Of all of the deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray, the nearly minute-long scene of Kylo Ren searching the crashed Falcon is one that really should be in the movie. This is one that was talked about a lot on spoiler sites prior to the movie releasing (was that why Abrans cut it?), and is an awesome moment of Han Solo’s son in the cockpit of the Falcon remembering what once was.

Shorten the Force Interrogation Scene

Every time I see The Force Awakens, the movie seems to hit a grinding halt during the second Force interrogation scene between Kylo and Rey. The bit with him holding out his hand to her face just feels like it lasts forever. That could probably be trimmed down a few seconds, which wouldn’t change the fact that she resisted him, and then there would be room for more stuff added back into the movie like the scene of Kylo on the Falcon.

5 Things People Use to Bash ‘Man of Steel’ That Are Completely Wrong

We’re reposting this list due to the forthcoming release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was originally published in October of 2014.

This week, Warner Brothers officially announced the entire line up of DC Cinematic Universe films through 2020. As these movies were spawned from 2013’s Man of Steel, there is a fresh round of people spouting off dumb reasons why “Man of Steel sucks” based on their selective memory about the character, his mythos, and the movie itself. A lot of these reasons are just recycled from last summer where people spammed them on social media as if they were Superman experts, when in reality they were completely wrong and just making themselves look stupid by parroting the hivemind of negativity that so often springs up around big summer movies.

Here are five of the big reasons people attack Man of Steel, and why they’re completely wrong.

Superman Never Kills

“My Superman doesn’t kill.” That was one of the big complaints people had against Man of Steel, and it came from fans and comic writers alike. They seem to exist in a world where Superman has a “no killing” rule like Batman, which isn’t the Superman of the comics at all. You may think that “your” Superman would never kill, but Man of Steel isn’t based on “your” Superman. It’s based on the Superman who has existed in the comics for 75 years.

People with selective memory about the character probably don’t realize that unlike Batman, Superman will kill when it is absolutely necessary. Stopping Zod from terraforming Earth and killing every human? Yea, I’d say that was pretty necessary. These people also forget that Superman killed Zod in Superman II. But it’s easy to remember things selectively if it gives you a soapbox to bitch from on the internet.

Superman Didn’t Save Enough People

This concept is almost tied with the dumb “Superman doesn’t kill” idea. Due to the massive destruction in Metropolis, people bitched and moaned that it was completely against Superman’s character to not stop and try to save every single person in those skyscrapers. These people again have selective memories of the character, and likely never read many Superman comics.

One of the most famous storylines, 1993’s Death of Superman, saw similar levels of destruction in Metropolis as Superman was focused on stopping Doomsday. Even with the massive destruction in Metropolis, that wasn’t Zod’s goal. Zod wanted to kill every single human on the planet, by stopping Zod Superman saved the entire planet. So by saying “Superman didn’t save enough people”, you’re saying six billion lives aren’t as important as a few city blocks in Metropolis.

5 Reasons To Be Excited For Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is coming out this December, but it seems like far too many people aren’t excited about it and are looking forward to 2017’s Episode VIII more. And that’s a shame because there are a lot of reasons to get excited for the new Star Wars movie coming out in 2016…

The Director

Rogue One is being directed by Gareth Edwards, the director of the awesome new Godzilla movie and someone who is a hardcore Star Wars fan. His Godzilla was awesome (people joke about Godzilla’s screen time, but that’s how the original Japanese movies were too), and giving him a Star Wars movie is a brilliant move on Lucasfilm’s part.

The Script

Despite the first draft being done by Prequel hater Gary Whitta, Disney then brought in their Cinderella writer (and Prequel hater) Chris Weitz to finish the movie. Despite them working on the movie the more important thing is that recent rumors have said that Christopher McQuarrie did a pass on the script and if true that’s something to be hyped over. His Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was a better Bond movie than Spectre was in 2015 and if he was involved in a Star Wars script it’s reason to be excited for Rogue One.

The Characters

You have a lead character who may be the daughter of the scientist who fixed the Death Star design flaws teaming up with a robot and a band of ragtag characters on a incredibly risky mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. Sure, there’s not a Jedi in the mix, but you have a very interesting group going on a gritty Star Wars adventure. Vader will also likely play a big role in the movie, so you get another chance to see one of the greatest villains in film history on the big screen.

The Story

Set immediately before A New Hope, Rogue One explains how during a battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. While some people get confused an think that Bothans stole the plans, if you pay attention to Return of the Jedi the dialog explains that the Bothan spies delivered the location of the second Death Star to the Rebels and the fact that the Emperor himself was overseeing the final stages of construction. So Rogue One is going to be a definitely cool bit of Star Wars canon played out on the big screen.

The Tone

At Star Wars Celebrations, Gareth Edwards described Rogue One as a war movie where there won’t be any Jedi to save the day. That seems a lot like the tone of the popular Rogue Squadron Legends novels and the new Battlefront: Twilight Company. It’s a type of story that’s been done in Star Wars before, just never in a movie. That’s another reason to be excited to see Rogue One this December.

4 Ways Disney is Hurting Star Wars

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012, I was actually pretty positive about it. After all, Pixar and Marvel have thrived under Disney and one could argue they’re better than they’ve ever been. But under Disney Star Wars is experiencing a lot of issues that some people aren’t aware of, but they affect the fanbase that has been active for over forty years.

Attacking Fans Directly

Back in December, the week before The Force Awakens released, Star Wars Action news walked into their local Walmart and found the new Resistance Base Rey figure (with the lightsaber). They took a photo of the action figure that they legally purchased, and posted it to Facebook. Within a few hours Disney/Lucasfilm invoked their external copyright attack dogs and the DMCA law was abused to censor the fan, as Disney claimed they owned the photo that this fan took of their purchase.

After the story blew up in their face, the automated copyright film rescinded the claim, only to reinstate it a few hours later causing the fan to be suspended from Facebook simply for sharing a photo they took with their own camera of a toy they legally purchased at Walmart. Under Disney, Star Wars fans can no longer feel safe about sharing their enthusiasm for the franchise without the fear of the Mouse abusing DMCA to censor them and protect the Mystery Box.

The Rebels Bait & Switch

Just last week Disney kicked Star Wars Rebels fans in the face by changing the conditions of the Season 2 season pass people bought digitally on Amazon, iTunes and Google. When Season 2 was starting, people paid $30 for a package that they were led to believe included the entire second season of the show. Disney changed that last week by splitting Season 2 into Volumes 2 and 3, without crediting prior purchasers. Due to this bait & switch, people who paid $30 for the complete second season now have to pay an additional $20 to finish the season they were led to believe they were paying for a few months ago. Aside from a disclaimer added to some of these digital storefronts, Disney doesn’t seem to care that they committed what would be fraud if it were a retail setting.

Disarming the 501st

Also in December an email was sent to Star Wars costuming groups that informed them that if they plan to attend any “official” event in costume, they are not allowed to carry blasters or other weapons. This edict basically removed one of the pieces of the Stormtrooper costume, and appears to be a knee-jerk reaction by some cubicle person at Disney who didn’t realize what they were requesting. Even more bizarre, the Stormtroopers who work at Disneyland are allowed to carry blasters…but fan costumers aren’t.

Censoring Sites to Protect Their Marketing Plans

At the end of last year learned that the Blu-Ray of The Force Awakens would be released on April 5th. The day after that was posted on their site, it had be removed. Just recently Amazon posted the same date, but then had to remove it as well. Sites that reported on the Amazon release date were asked by Disney to remove their stories.

This sort of bullying censorship is being done to protect their marketing plan, which likely includes some kind of big “exclusive” announcement on some mass-market outlet that fans really don’t care about. Disney knows that since it’s Star Wars they can pressure sites into staying quiet about stuff, because those sites don’t want to risk missing out on going to an advanced screening of the next Star Wars movie.

Back during the Special Edition and Prequel days, Lucasfilm never treated fans and fan sites in these ways. But it’s a whole new game under the Disney overlords, and it’s starting to sour many fans to Star Wars.

5 Reasons That ‘Imperial Commando’ Leak is Bogus

There’s a post on Reddit that many Star Wars fans want to believe is true, but unfortunately this “leak” of Imperial Commando is bogus. There are a lot of reasons why EA isn’t resurrecting a Prequel-era game that was cancelled more than ten years ago just to release a month before Episode VIII, but there are five big reasons why that post is fake.

Frostbite 4
Whoever made that post doesn’t actually know what Frostbite is. Last console generation saw the rise of what’s called “middleware”, which any game company could license for their game to speed up development time as they wouldn’t have to create their own engine. These off the shelf products became very successful, and for this generation most big publishers designed their own to use internally. EA has two. Ignite is their sports engine, while Frostbite 3 (created by DICE) is what they use for other games.

Frostbite 3 is meant to last until at least the end of this console generation. It’s entirely possible Dice will create a Frostbite 4 and debut it in Battlefield 5, but that would likely be exclusive to the PC and designed around what high end cards like the Nvidia 980 can do. The budget GPUs in the consoles wouldn’t be able to handle the new Frostbite as they have big issues just running Frostbite 3 as it is (PS4 can only hit 900p and Xbox One hits 720p in Frostbite 3 FPSs).

So revealing a more powerful Frostbite 4 in June on a game that isn’t a flagship for DICE is a huge red flag.

The 20 Hour Campaign
In 2016 single-player campaigns for first-person-shooters are an afterthought. Everyone knows Battlefront didn’t have one, and neither did the new Rainbow Six (despite it being one if the best games of last year). Claiming that Imperial Commando will have an “epic 20 hour campaign” (making it as long or longer than of Fallout 4) is just the poster’s way to pander to those Star Wars fans who were disappointed with the lack of a campaign in Battlefront in the hopes that they’d buy his BS.

The Nintendo NX
Huge red flag here. Nintendo is expected to unveil the first information about the Nintendo NX at E3 in June, and some recent analysts are actually speculating that the handheld version of the system will release in 2016 while the home console version won’t be out until 2017. While we know the NX can apparently run Unreal 4, claiming that EA (a company who doesn’t really support Nintendo hardware anymore) would put out the game as a launch title on the system is a bit of a fanboy fantasy right there. Also, Nintendo’s hardware is traditionally weaker than what MS or Sony puts out, and that means it wouldn’t be able to run a mythical Frostbite 4 either.

Revealing the Game in February
The poster claims that he’s working on an ARG for Imperial Commando (complete with Photoshopped web pages) that will go live next month to tease the announcement. E3 isn’t until the middle of June this year. Even when companies do these ARGs, they traditionally don’t do them so far out as this one would be. That there is yet another red flag that this guy is just trying to fool Reddit. But there’s another great reason why this whole thing is fake, and that’s because of what EA is showing this year.

What EA is REALLY Showing at E3 2016
For the last few years EA Visceral in Redwood Shores, CA has been working on a third-person story-driving action-adventure Star Wars title. Amy Hennig of Uncharted fame is involved with this game, and now that Battlefront is released E3 2016 is when this untitled Star Wars adventure is expected to be revealed. The game could possibly similar to 1313, but it’s definitely not the cancelled Imperial Commando from 2004.

CBS is Failing Star Trek on its 50th Anniversary

2016 is the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, but you wouldn’t know that based on the output of the current rights holder for the franchise.

Fifty years is a huge milestone. When Disneyland hit fifty, the company celebrated the birthday for eighteen months. Star Trek reaching fifty is a huge deal, but right now the 25th Anniversary back in 1991 was actually a bigger deal than this fiftieth is…so far.

For Star Trek fans who were around to experience the 25th Anniversary in 1991, it was a golden age for Trek. That year we got The Undiscovered Country on the big screen, which went on to be one of the best Trek movies. The Next Generation was also just hitting its stride with the series ending its fourth season and beginning the classic fifth season that September. And there even began to be rumors of a new series on the way that would be set on a frontier space station.

Aside from the television and movie content, Star Trek fans had endless merchandise for the 25th. Many fans remember the NES 25th Anniversary game, and the PC point-and-click adventure game is one of the all-time classics of the genre with the Deluxe CD Edition re-release containing the entire Original Series voice cast.

So far CBS’s handling of the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek is an insult to fans. How are they kicking it off? By re-releasing the exact same Blu-Ray editions of the Star Trek movies in new packaging. Instead of fixing these releases (by actually spending the money to remaster them as needed), they’re just slapping a 50th Anniversary slipcover on the package and asking fans for another $50.

Aside from that, what is there? Star Trek Beyond in theaters in July (which has failed to get fans excited), a concert tour most people won’t really care about, and a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas (which actually happens every.single.year.). It’s not fair to say that we have to have Trek on the small screen, but there are some things that CBS can do to make this 50th matter to fans:

Fix and Remaster the Movies for Blu-Ray:

Throw out those DNR-plagued versions of the movies. Spend the money to make them look great in HD, and also toss money at someone to re-do the 480p special effects for the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Edition to get that out in HD. Also include the extended cuts of both The Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country. Fans WILL buy these if they were corrected. They won’t re-buy the same old discs with new packaging.

Issue Complete Series Blu-Ray Sets for TNG and Enterprise in the US:

These are available in the UK, do them here. The US does have an older TOS Blu-Ray complete series set, so we should get the option for both TNG and Enterprise as they are available on Blu-Ray in individual season sets.

Begin a Line of Canon Novels & Comics:

Star Trek novels and comics have never been canon, they’re just licensed fan fiction. CBS should do what Lucasfilm did and make a unified canon where content from the novels and comics can fit in with the new movies and upcoming television show. Star Trek has a rich history to tap into, and if fans have to wait until January for a new series having canon books and comics is something that can tide them over.

Do a 50th Anniversary TV Special

Even though the new Trek series is coming to CBS All Access streaming next year, they can promote the 50th Anniversary with a two-hour special on the main CBS network. Put it on in prime time, on a day of the week that matters. Bring in cast and Trek experts to look back at the last fifty years of the franchise and what it’s meant to people. Something like this would show that CBS actually cares about the franchise they currently own.

Release Information on the New TV Series

Star Trek fans are starving for any information on the mysterious new series. While they are focused on promoting Star Trek Beyond, they should throw fans a bone about the new show. Tell us when it’s set in the timeline. Is it part of the Abramsverse? Is it going to be ship-based? Give us something, and it will help fans get through this 50th Anniversary drought!

I know people were hoping I’d say to do HD remasters of DS9 or VOY, but I was trying to be realistic here. Fixing the Blu-Rays for the ten feature films is a small project compared to what would be required for Deep Space Nine or Voyager full series HD remasters. The amount of discs those two shows would sell is a lot less than TNG, and it’s honestly not something that seems to be a realistic possibility.

I’ve always loved Star Trek, and it just really annoys me how apathetic CBS seems to be to the franchise on it’s 50th Anniversary. Hopefully we’ll get more out of them as the year goes on.

10 Reasons Why the Batman V Superman Trailer Didn’t Suck

Ever since the Batman V Superman trailer was released shortly after the Civil War trailer, there were complaints online that it “sucked”. These complaints ranged from people not seeing what they wanted in it to Marvel fans trying to spark some kind of fanboy war. Except the fact of the matter is that the trailer is pretty awesome and bodes well for how comic-accurate the DC Cinematic Universe is shaping up to be…

Bruce Wayne

When Affleck was cast as Bruce Wayne you’ll probably remember the revolt that happened on the internet. But those who saw Affleck’s The Town knew he could pull off an older and weary Bruce Wayne, and we see that in the trailer. Just the way he speaks as Bruce is more like the character in the comic as opposed to the flashy billionaire playboy that the previous movies have tried to put forth.

Man of Steel From Bruce Wayne’s Perspective

There were rumors that we’d see the final battle in Man of Steel from Bruce’s perspective in the movie and the trailer seemed to confirm that. It’s pretty awesome to see that fight from a “Marvels” style perspective of someone on the street level. Even cooler that the person we see it from is Bruce Wayne.

The Dark Knight Returns Armor

It may be fully CG like Zod’s armor was in Man of Steel, but Batman’s power armor looks pretty awesome in the movie. They aren’t following the storyline of The Dark Knight Returns, but they definitely recreated the armor from it pretty perfectly.

Superman’s Glowing Red Eyes

This is an image that should be familiar to anyone who reads Superman comics on a regular basis. Too many people have their own “headcanon” of who and what Superman is, but for those who actually read Superman comics this image is very iconic.


While it’s not confirmed, those flying monsters in the Batman nightmare sequence sure do look at lot like Darkseid’s Parademons. That’s something pretty awesome to set up as Darkseid is rumored to be the major villain in Justice League Part 2. The Avengers set up Thanos in their first movie, so this wouldn’t be strange.

5 Things from The Force Awakens Marketing NOT in the Movie

JJ Abrams has already said there was about twenty to thirty minutes cut from the first version of The Force Awakens, which means there may be a lot of deleted scenes. That also means a lot of stuff used in the marketing of the movie actually didn’t make it into the final cut that was released in theaters today. Here are five things you won’t be seeing:

Kylo Igniting His Saber in the Forest

One of the most famous shots fans saw early on isn’t even in the movie. Kylo Ren in the Forest igniting his lightsaber isn’t seen in the final movie. It’s entirely possible this shot was created just for that first teaser as if you watch the movie you’ll realize he’s not wearing something that he is in this shot…

Maz Handing Leia the Saber

In the second trailer we see Maz handing Leia the lightsaber. That’s not in the movie as we don’t actually see Maz off of Takodana at all. It appears all of her scenes in the Resistance base (which is where the saber shot took place) were cut.

Constable Zuvio

A couple of weeks ago Lucasfilm released an image of Constable Zuvio leading fans to believe he had a bigger part in the movie. In reality it may have just been a way to try to sell some of those “peg warmer” Zuvio figures as that toy is becoming the “Bob the Goon” figure for The Force Awakens. He’s barely even seen in the background on Jakku.

Sarco Plank

Like Constable Zuvio, Sarco Plank was a big part of the early hype. Lucasfilm even published a novel with him as the central villain facing off against a younger Luke in his first-ever lightsaber duel. Except you can only really see the character in the background in about one shot on Jakku and even then it’s tough to make him out.

“Chewie We’re Home” is a Different Take

The most popular part of the second trailer is actually a different take in the final movie. Harrison Ford said in interviews that he tried it many different ways, and the one they used in the movie is the more light-hearted take that was seen in the Disney XD UK preview (which is what that image above is from).