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The SnyderCut Arrives Next Week, and The Death Threats Have Already Begun

Over the weekend I Fleeted (all I do really is Fleet now because they vanish after 24 hours) a picture of the cover of The Brave and The Bold #93. Of course the fanbase who attacks anyone who dares to call them “toxic” sprung into action.

Found this in my DMs this morning:

So because someone puts up a Twitter story (Fleet) with a picture of Martian Manhunter from 50 years ago, they deserve to die of COVID…

Disappointed the Fox Quicksilver Wasn’t in WandaVision? Here’s Why He Couldn’t Be…

With the finale of WandaVision now aired, some are upset and furious that their belief that Evan Peters was playing Fox’s version of Quicksilver in the show wasn’t validated. For weeks, even months, “scoopers” who get along by telling people what they want to hear have been leading people to believe he was 100% the Fox version of Quicksilver in the show and it would lead to Fox’s Mutants entering the MCU via the multiverse. However there’s a very good reason why that couldn’t happen; despite fans wanting it to.

I’ve explained it on the old podcast several times, but it all comes down to Hollywood politics, drama, and egos. Not to mention money. Allow me to use toys as an example. Prior to the MCU one of the reasons why you saw things like the Power Rangers-style Green Goblin in Spider-Man or a new design for a character compared to the comics all came down to money. In the film version of those characters, the producers would earn money from the merchandise of their versions of the character. As they created that specific version of the character, they were entitled to credit and money any time it was used.

A good example is how Zack Snyder created (and cast) the current DCEU versions of the Justice League characters. Which is why he receives an executive producer credit on any movies those characters appear in.

That brings us to the MCU and the Fox characters. Aside from likely wanting to avoid tainting the carefully crafted MCU with Fox’s continuity, if Feige were to bring in a character from the Singerverse, then people like Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg would need to receive a producer credit (and likely money) in any MCU appearance for those characters. That’s also likely why Jamie Foxx’s Electro in Spider-Man: No Way Home is rumored to look different from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 version; he’ll be a different version of the character.

The fallout from WandaVision is one reason I’m glad I’m not involved with that stuff anymore. People only want to be told what they want to hear, not what’s really going on.

Why I’m Not Worried About JJ Abrams Being Involved With Superman (Again)

Last week it was revealed that JJ Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates would be rebooting Superman. Abrams will be producing and Coates writing, and as you’d expect the internet is already raging over this. On one side you have fans of a certain director cursing WBs name for daring to move on from that universe, and on the other you have people making wild assumptions about what Superman will be featured just due to who’s writing the movie. But I’m not worried.

Firstly, Ta-Nehisi Coates has written both Captain America and Black Panther, and I’ve enjoyed his core Panther run and sad it’s ending. So I’m not too worried on the writing side of things. At least JJ Abrams isn’t writing the thing. That would be a problem.

Secondly, I’m not worried about Abrams this time around. He’s not writing it, and what happened the last time he did that is why I’m not worried. Confused? Well, we can look at a different Superman project for what I’m suspecting might be going on in JJ’s head with this.

Kevin Smith’s involvement with Jon Peters and Superman Lives is legendary. However some people might not remember what happened after that. Jon Peters continued to be a producer on Superman and we then got Superman Returns. Peters saw the blacklash over Superman Lives and stepped back and allowed Singer to make something that was safe at the time.

Twenty years ago JJ Abrams wrote Superman Flyby and the reaction was even worse than Superman Lives. It would’ve killed the franchise for a generation if made. Abrams received death threats over just reviews of the un-filmed script.

Because of that it’s possible that JJ Abrams might be a little apprehensive about doing anything overly controversial with Superman. Meaning that for now, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about and the internet is freaking out for no reason as they traditionally do in a case like this.

Why isn’t JJ directing it? Apparently WB wants him to direct an even bigger DC movie they’re planning.