Introducing MCU Cosmic!

This morning I decided to launch a new website focused on Marvel movies called MCU Cosmic.

The site will cover all things with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with Phase 4 heading into a more cosmic direction that’s the inspiration I took for the theme. We’re going to get some very exciting things with Phase 4 and the unexpected places Marvel is going to take us, so strap yourselves in and I’ll do my best to keep you informed.

I’ve been doing this website thing for twenty years now. From small sites hosted in the early days of the web, I went and ran IGN DVD for nearly four years before moving into the gaming industry and working at places such as Sony Online Entertainment on Star Wars Galaxies and Blizzard on World of Warcraft. After SWG shut down, a friend launched a site called Furious Fanboys, which I ran for years until it was sold to an investment firm.

That’s why I run my own blog and the new site. I aim to keep both independent and aren’t aiming to build something that I’ll just sell off to some faceless company that will turn it into a click farm. I’m doing this as a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one who’s very exited about the cosmic places the movies are headed.

This blog will still exist for anything that doesn’t fit on MCU Cosmic.

Note, the site is only soft-launched right now. The official launch, with a big Phase 4 reveal, is this coming Monday the 9th of April!

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.

Why an Upcoming Superhero Movie is Disappointing People

Over the last week I’ve had to watch my name be dragged through the mud because people didn’t like information I relayed from a very reliable source about an upcoming superhero movie. I’ve had the “creator” of the character call me a troll on Twitter (even though he didn’t create the version the character that’s popular now), studio shills (who praise every big movie, including Batman V Superman) with big websites went on video and flat-out lied in order to keep the studio happy in the hopes of hosting a screening of the movie, and I’ve been gagged on other places where I wasn’t allowed to defend myself unless I named my sources to the gatekeepers there.

So I’ve had enough and decided to write this blog post without naming the movie, but to explain why this movie is pissing people off.

While I don’t name the movie here, this post will have MAJOR MAJOR STORY SPOILERS. So if you don’t want to be spoiled for an unnamed movie that’s coming out, stop reading now. Also, I need to add that I did not attend any screening of this movie. This information has been relayed to me via an anonymous source that I trust.

The first thing that happens that really angers people (and pretty much sets the whole thing off on a bad light) takes place in the first ten minutes.

Prior to becoming one of the best comic book writers in the industry, Gail Simone made a name for herself with a now-famous essay based on Green Lantern #54 where Kyle Raynor comes home to find his girlfriend Alex stuffed in the refrigerator for no reason at all.

This became known as the “women in refrigerators” trope, where a female character is killed off for no good reason, and by now it’s considered extremely sexist. In 2018 it’d be shocking if any comic book movie fell in with such a trope, but this movie does right off the bat. The character many people considered the heart of the first movie, and one of its best parts, is killed off in the first ten minutes and only has one scene.

Then there’s really not much of a plot. The story basically surrounds a brat kid who someday will kill someone’s family (and that character is a new introduction in this movie). It’s kind of like the kid in Looper who will grow up to be an evil crime lord. In a movie that’s two hours long, that’s a pretty flimsy plot to stretch things across, especially with the heart of the first movie and the person who drove that plot out of the picture.

Fans of comic books will also be upset at how a long-time fan-favorite (and internet meme) villain is once again treated on the big screen. Oh this time he looks a little closer to his comic book look (thanks to CG), but they make him disposable with a really stupid death. Two characters notice his pants are ripped exposing his crack, so they shove a sparking power cable up his butt and push him into a pool.

Honestly the best parts of the movie are its post-credits scenes, which involve time travel and an infant Hitler being strangled to death.

For fans of the character, that may be enough. For others it’ll probably translate to very muted response…like it’s getting already.

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.

Fox is Threatening to Sue Me Over a Deadpool 2 Test Screening I Never Attended

Last night Fox held a test screening for Deadpool 2, but I was not there. Eight weeks out from release is pretty late for doing these sorts of tests, and an anonymous source relayed a reaction to me about the screening that…wasn’t good. So I Tweeted about it.

This morning I wake up to a threat in my contact form from the firm Fox uses for test screening threatening to sue me for violating an agreement I never agreed to nor signed because I was never invited to this test screening and I did not attend it.

As a journalist I was relaying information by an anonymous source, and Fox is resulting to bullying and legal threats to silence critics of an upcoming movie that looks like it may not be as good as the original. Here’s their letter (with all contact information stripped, of course):

And my reply to them was,

“I’m sorry but I did not attend any screening and did not sign any agreement or NDA. As a journalist I am only posting information relayed to me by an anonymous source.”

This isn’t the first time Fox has used these bullying tactics. Back when Fantastic Four (2015) was coming out, they abused the DMCA law to attempt to censor websites critical of the movie prior to its release.

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.

Positive Reaction to Aquaman Brought Me Back to DC

I’ve been a fan of the DC characters all my life. I’m one of those who grew up with Donner’s Superman and Super Friends every Saturday morning. The four issues of Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns were some of the first real comics I ever bought when they originally were released. And in the 90s I read both Superman and Batman very heavily. So of course I was a big fan of the DCEU…but then Justice League happened.

Oh, not the quality of the movie. In fact I re-watched both it and Thor: Ragnarok this week and I still genuinely like the DC movie more than the third Thor film.

What happened was the toxicity of the fanbase soured me on all things DC for the last three months or so. I got death threats for daring to tell people that the run time of Justice League was only two hours (which, after watching it last night again, is something I like about it). And then the whole craziness over the mythical “Snyder Cut” began.

I wasn’t looking forward to Justice League coming out on home video. I stopped reading DC comics each week. The nastiness and toxicity of the fans over a movie just poisoned DC to me for a while.

But then Warner did a test screening of an unfinished version of Aquaman, and the positive reaction coming out from that by people I trust turned things around for me. It made me hopeful that the post-Snyder era of DC movies will gradually silence the more toxic parts of the fan base and DC comics and movies will be enjoyable again.

I’ve picked up the DC issues I missed over the last couple months and am going to get caught up over the weekend and eagerly await the historic release of Action 1000 in April and then Bendis taking over Superman in May. Then we just have about ten more months until Wan’s Aquaman hits theaters…

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.

Harassment & Death Threats From DC Fans Upset Over Justice League’s Runtime

On Thursday I found out that Justice League tickets would be going on sale this coming week and that theaters were given a runtime of 121 minutes. Yesterday I had two more sources confirm it to me, and I even today checked with AMC’s customer support and they confirmed it’s in ComScore Rentrak as the OFFICIAL runtime from Warner Brothers.

But since DC fandom is so toxic, I’ve been bombarded with harassment and death threats ever since I said their superhero movie was only two hours long. This is the reaction DC fans are giving over the RUNTIME of a movie coming out. Threatening to kill me just because I relayed the news of how long the movie runs:

And people wonder why bloggers instantly block DC fans on Twitter.

Thankfully my contact form captures IP addresses. I’ve opened a report with the local FBI field office, so if you’re the person who sent these harassing emails please be aware that federal authorities are now involved. Have a nice day!

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.

RIP Furious Fanboys 2010-2017

Seven years ago, my friend Jason asked me if I wanted to work on a new sci-fi/comics/movies site he was launching. With my history on IGN and general blogging, I said I would and then Furious Fanboys was launched. The early days of the site were slow, but then in late 2010 it really started to pick up and it would often be front-paged on Digg.

The site grew pretty quickly those first two years. We’d post four articles a day and then a big list every week, and traffic was pretty solid. Then Digg was ruined and traffic to the site was a challenge. But it survived and did even better than ever before in 2013, with the launch of the new consoles giving it the highest traffic day in its history in November of 2013.

Back in 2014 the site suffered a catastrophic hosting failure. Two of the four drives the site was stored on failed, and the web host wasn’t doing the backups they were being paid to do. Eventually they found a backup from November of 2011, but that meant more than two years of content was lost. The downtime from the failure coupled with the loss of two years of content really hurt it.

In 2015 Jason sold the site, and the others he started, to an investment firm. They took it over in November of 2015, although I didn’t know they did until December of that year. With the redesign that they did a lot of things broke, and again traffic suffered for the rest of 2016 into 2017. We tried our best to keep it going, and a short-lived EIC did bring some new writers on the site who did good things.

On Thursday 7/20/17 the site went offline. The first day of the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. I emailed my contact with the company that now owns the site and he said he’d get back to me ASAP. That was two weeks ago. The site going down for a few hours is bad enough, a day is terrible, but for weeks as well as over the biggest convention of the year? That’s a death kneel for it.

While attempting to get an answer as to what was going on with the site I received contradicting stories. First they said they’d get back to me, then they decided to set up a free blog named after the site as a “fix” for it being down, and then they claimed the company taking over the sites (that I never heard about) messed up on the hosting and would be fixing it. The funny thing is the other sites (which fit the college co-ed demographic better than Fanboys does) never went down and are still running. That made me believe they decided to shut it down without warning.

Running the site was a labor of love for seven years. It wasn’t about the money as honestly it never really made much from advertising. In fact there were times I didn’t get anything for running it. The loss of those seven years of content is the most heartbreaking part of the site going offline without warning. If there was advanced notice, an export of the WordPress posts could’ve been done and all of that work would’ve at least been preserved. With the site taken offline the way it was, seven years of content is gone.

It’s entirely possible this new company that is taking over the operation of Jason’s old sites will at some point resurrect Furious Fanboys as they still own the brand, but it won’t be the same and they’ll basically be starting over from scratch. And I won’t be involved in any way after this disaster over the last two weeks. It’s hard to trust a company who owns the site, but won’t communicate with those running it and would shut it down with absolute zero advanced notice. They ran Furious Fanboys into the ground, and I really believe the site should’ve never been sold.

That’s the thing hat makes me the most mad about this. If they had decided to shut it down, and at least told us that, it would’ve been an easier pill to swallow. But for it to mysteriously shut down (while the other sites remained online) and stay offline for two weeks without any clear word as to what was going on? That’s just a scummy thing to do and it sucks that seven years of work was erased in that way.

The site had its highs and lows, and there were really stressful moments over the years, but it was fun to run it and see it grow. Too bad it got flushed down the toilet in the end. Goodbye Furious Fanboys, it was…fun.

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.

Piracy is Killing Hall H at San Diego Comic Con

Aside from a problem with counterfeit wristbands for the Saturday panels, one of the big complaints about Hall H at this year’s San Diego Comic Con was the lack of real big movie exclusives. Back in the day, Hall H was known for exclusive reveals that wouldn’t be released on the internet…ever, but that’s changed in the last couple of years. And you can thank idiots filming stuff on their cellphones for a brief moment of internet fame (before being hit by a DMCA hammer) for killing the Hall H of the past.

Don’t believe me? Well, lets use 20th Century Fox for an example. This year they showed up with just the Kingsman sequel. But fans, and even some media, were expecting more. Despite the official Hall H schedule saying it was specifically a Kingsman panel, people were pissed off when Fox didn’t show anything from Deadpool 2 or the upcoming mutant films. And this is due to piracy fears.

Want proof? In 2016 Fox completely skipped Hall H at SDCC, and the reason was specifically due to people filming stuff off screens the year before.

This year almost everything in Hall H was released online the moment it was shown in the convention center. The Ready Player One, Justice League, Thor, and Black Panther trailers were all online immediately. And of course the Infinity War footage was pirated within minutes of it being shown in the Hall. People are complaining this week about the lack of big exclusives in Hall H now, but they’re failing to grasp the reason why that is.

Contrast the problem with how Disney runs D23 Expo, and it’s worse. Nothing ever leaks from D23 Expo’s big hall. I saw one person on Twitter last night claiming that stuff leaks from Hall H because more people go there than Hall D23 at D23 Expo, and that’s an uninformed statement. Hall D23 holds 7,000 people. That’s more than Hall H’s 6500. Nothing ever leaks from Hall D23 because Disney takes security very seriously and doesn’t want their footage out. Everything leaks from SDCC because Comic Con puts everything on the honor system and thinks people are more honorable than they really are.

It seems like Comic Con is more interested in social media buzz out of Hall H than keeping the studios happy. Saying “Please don’t film the screens” doesn’t do anything at Comic Con, people are going to do it no matter what you tell them. Sealing phones in silver plastic baggies at D23? That stops people from pirating the footage completely.

Comic Con is really going to need to ask themselves if they want Hall H to return to the mystique it had in the past as being the place where Earth-shattering exclusives were shown. Right now it’s just a public YouTube space where trailers the public can also see are viewed by 6500 people who spent $200 for a pass and camped out 24 hours. Until Comic Con decides to take a look at how Disney handles security at their D23 Expo, and makes serious changes to the big Hall H presentations, the famous Hall H of SDCC will continue its death spiral and will soon be something that people won’t even want to bother with anymore.

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.

Current Status of Furious Fanboys

Update: 8/2 7:45pm

At this point the site has been down for two weeks and there’s no communication at all from the owners and it appears as if it was intentionally shut down without notice. Can’t say that for sure, but everything is pointing to that conclusion. If so, RIP Furious Fanboys.

Update: 7/30 7:00am

After sending that email below I was on a very uncomfortable phone call (unrelated to that email, it was drama I wasn’t part of), but then I got an email within an hour explaining that someone else is going to be taking over hosting for the site and their tech guy basically dropped the ball in the middle of the transition. That’s why the site’s been down for ten days now.

Even if they ever get the site back up and running I don’t believe it can ever recover from this, and I’ve told them that multiple times. At this point I’m pretty apathetic about the whole situation as it’s been ten days and no progress yet.

Update: 7/28 8:30am

This may be the final update on the status of Furious Fanboys. I emailed my contact at the investment firm that owns the site once again yesterday afternoon and have heard no response as to how they’ll fix it. So this morning I have sent them the following email:

“It’s now the eighth day that the site is offline, and I’ve not yet heard a realistic solution to give confidence that you guys know how to fix it or even intend to. Furious Fanboys was a labor of love for nearly nine years. That’s why when I ceased being paid for it back in February I still tried to keep the site going and push whatever traffic to it I could.

If there was a intention to let it go and shut it down, it would’ve been nice to be informed of that so the eight years of content could’ve at least been archived and not lost like a fart in the wind. The loss of all that content forever is the most heartbreaking part of this. It’s happened before on the site, where two years were lost, but they were at least able to restore a backup with some content from 2011 and back. But now it’s all gone.

If I don’t hear an update by end of day today, then I’ll assume that the site is officially dead and offline, and I’ll be moving on.”

I will keep everyone updated with what happens.

Update: 7/27 Still no word as the site enters its seventh day online.

Update: 7:45am 7/26

As we enter the sixth day of Furious Fanboys being down I’ve decided to explain more about the last update in detail. It’s really not good right now.

Basically the site is down and all they really need to try with the host is to roll back to a backup of last Wednesday. But that’s not what they’re trying. They decided to set up a new Furious Fanboys blog on I’m not kidding you. Seven years of content on a database on a crashed site and they decide to do a “WordPress reset” by setting up a freebie blog on

Obviously I expressed how that won’t work to fix the issue and let them know that I’m not interested in starting over from scratch and letting all of that content just vanish. So that’s where we are at this point. I hope to have some news later today and I hope they realize they need to fix the site and not just start a new blog.

Update: 1:30pm 7/25

I’ve heard an update, and it’s scary. Not going to post the details here, but right now it’s not looking good for the site. Hopefully the email I sent off will light a fire under them to fix this.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what’s going on with Furious Fanboys, so here’s the latest I know as of 7:45am on 7/25.

On Thursday, the first day of San Diego Comic Con, Furious Fanboys went down with the host not responding. I immediately fired off an email to my contact at the company that now owns the site, and that evening he said he’d let the server guys know about it and get back to me ASAP.

I didn’t hear anything all weekend. On Sunday Stephanie, who does all of the great CW articles on the site, wanted to post an article about coping with not being at SDCC and couldn’t; so she contacted me. I explained all that I knew and copied my contact at the company again for as a reminder.

Yesterday Jason, who founded the site, emailed me and copied the CEO when he saw all of the Google errors, and I gave him the rundown of what I knew. Not long after that I finally received an update asking for some information as they were working on a fix that didn’t quite make much sense (as in theory they could just restore a backup of Wednesday’s snapshot as long as they had it).

So that’s where we are now. I’ll keep this post updated as I learn more information. Updates will be posted above.

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.

SDCC 2017: Nearing the Half-Way Point

I am writing this from the Hall H line at around 3:00pm. So we still have about five and a half hours until wristbands are handed out for Saturday’s panels and even longer than that until they get to our section of the line.

So far I’ve had a good SDCC. The highlight so far was the Walter & Louise Simonson panel yesterday, which should’ve been three hours long. So many great answers to fan questions and some cool stories about great Marvel storylines.

A close runner up to that would be the Classic Doctor Who panel with Peter Davidson and Colin Baker. I didn’t know about the BBC/ITV streaming service Britbox, but that panel made me sign up for a trial for the Classic Doctor Who they have on it.

The con itself is pretty packed this year and it keeps getting worse every year. The Hall H line is even worse than it was last year where my group was put into group B and this year it looks like we’ll lucky to get into group C.

Trying to conserve battery as much as possible before tomorrow but I plan to Tweet live from Hall H as much as I can. I have a 15,000 mAh battery for my phone and it should only be halfway done by the time I go back to the hotel in about 12 hours, and I’ll get it a little more charge then before coming back to the line.

In other news it looks like Furious Fanboys is down. I’ve emailed them about it, but haven’t heard any news yet. This is the worst time for the site to go down, and I think this final downtime may be its death.

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.

Thanos’ Black Order Arrive in the MCU With Infinity War

Created by Hickman during his absolutely epic run on Avengers (and starring in the Infinity event), Thanos’ Black Order is making the jump to the MCU faster than almost any other comic character has.

Marvel revealed statues of the four at D23 Expo this weekend, and the designs are comic perfect. All have their correct names, although Black Dwarf has been renamed Cull Obsidian, and I can understand that change. Some people are really dumb and won’t bother to realize he’s named after a type of Black Hole (the whole team is) so there is bound to be someone who gets really offended at the name.

I took pics of each statue, and these have only been resized down due to being on a website. I’ll try to find a way to post the full 24MP pictures later, but here is the Black Order from D23 Expo, and yes that is what Thanos was wearing in the Infinity War footage (although with the Gauntlet):

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.