Mulan Trending #1 on Disney+. Could Black Widow Be Next?

With Tenet releasing in US theaters, and not exactly driving people to the box office, all eyes are going to be on how Disney’s $30 Mulan “Premier Access” on Disney+ will perform; including Disney’s. While the paywalled PVOD movie has only been on Disney+ for two days, it already has passed up The Simpsons to be the #1 trending video on the streaming service:

Disney is apparently waiting to see the exact numbers for Mulan before making a decision about Black Widow, however releasing the Marvel Studios movie on Disney+ in 2020 would give them one big advantage over a delay to 2021. If the movie were to be pushed to next year, not only would the entire Marvel slate move again (including the Disney+ series, which would be bad news for content on the streamer), but they would have to spend roughly another $100 million on marketing the movie all over again.

Another advantage would be for Disney+. When Mulan goes “free” on December 4th for all subscribers, Disney would still have Black Widow on the Premier Access $29.99 tier.

Again, even Disney is waiting on the final numbers from Mulan’s streaming debut before deciding the final fate of Black Widow in 2020, but the fact that a $30 purchase on Disney+ has become the #1 trending item on the service after just two days might be a good sign that a lot of people are taking advantage of the offer.