Rumor: Idris Elba’s Suicide Squad Character Revealed!

This week, James Gunn made some news on social media by telling Idris Elba that no one had correctly guessed his character in next year’s The Suicide Squad. People had speculated that he was Bronze Tiger, Vigilante, and even Sportsman. Now it appears it’s none of those and we may know who he’s playing before the reveal at DC FanDome later today.

Yesterday in a Western US city, a lucky test audience got to see an early screening of The Suicide Squad. According to Splashreport, Idris Elba is playing Bloodsport in the movie. When you think back to the spy photos of him on set and what his costume looked like, that actually fits. Even more exciting, they say the villain is the cosmic starfish…Starro! Something that wacky facing off against the Squad is definitely something James Gunn would do, even if the giant starfish only does something like take over the mind of a dictator or something.

We’ll have to see if this ends up being true in a few hours when James Gunn is expected to reveal who is playing who in The Suicide Squad at FanDome, but Splashreport has a pretty good track record with these sort of test screening scoops.