On Vacation

Simply put, I need a little break.

I’ve been running MCU Cosmic non-stop for more than a two and a half years now, and I need just a bit of a break from the 24/7 monitoring of the world of Star Wars news. So, for at least a very short while (I know how long and it isn’t too long) I’ll be on something of a vacation from the site and social media. If big news breaks or I get wind of something really cool, I will make an effort to get an update posted; however I cannot guarantee how timely it would be. These updates will always be shared immediately on the Star Wars Unity social media accounts.

Part of this is also a social media cleanse and break from those sites. Since at least 2016 I’ve had Twitter as the first app on my devices home screens meaning it was the primary one I would use all the time. My social media usage on the iOS weekly screen usage reports was insane. It’s become something of an addiction. And I need a break from it for my sanity. The last week has been a bit busy for me outside of site stuff, meaning I didn’t get much of a chance to look at social media, and when I did it was a reminder of how much of a toxic shithole it could be with people who obviously have no life other than trolling dominating the place and wanting to make life a living hell for others.

Which means this is also a break from all social media. The site social accounts will still share any updates that are posted, but my presence on my main account will be limited to checking DMs with friends and maybe the occasional retweet. I honestly won’t be opening the app much, it’s been moved off my home screen for now just to avoid the temptation.

I know when things will return to normal, and again it won’t be too long. You’ll all know before regular updates resume. As for the podcast, I’ll actually still try to do that if there’s enough news for an episode.

Also, it might look a bit different next time you see me. Let’s just say those toxic trolls who like to call me things like Flubber f**k” won’t have that attack vector anymore…