Matt Reeves’ Batman Could Be the First to Not Kill in a Movie

You don’t have to wake up and you’re not living in a dream world, it looks like Matt Reeves really understands Batman and has hinted that his Batman might not be a killer in his movie based on one of his inspirations while making it.

Batman on the big screen has killed since Burton, and that’s just kept accelerating until we were putting high-powered machine guns on the Batmobile to create explosions that would make Michael Bay orgasm. However in the comics one of the cores of Batman’s character is that killing is the one rule he won’t break (which he did to kill Darkseid in Final Crisis, but whatever). No movie has yet to really adhere to that one rule, but it looks like Reeves might.

During his FanDome interview a fan asked him about a deep cut inspiration, and he brought up Darwyn Cooke’s Ego:

“He’s confronting the beast that is Batman, and there’s a kind of duality. I mean, there’s a lot in what I was trying to do in the story about him confronting the shadow side of himself—the degree to which you have self knowledge, you’re able to understand your motivations, but he’s broken, Batman. So, while he’s doing all of these things for the reasons that he thinks is right, and that they have a heroic sort of grounding in them, there’s also many things that are driven by the parts of himself he doesn’t yet know.”

One of the key elements of that comic is the idea that Batman DOES NOT KILL:

Matt Reeves pulling inspiration for his Batman from Darwyn Cooke shows that not only does he really understand who Batman is, he also is a lot less likely to show Batman killing people in his movie.