WB Has Begun Development on a Zatanna Movie

One of the most popular DC characters is at long last going to appear in a movie, as Zatanna is on her way to the big screen after a lot of speculation over the last couple years.

I’ve learned today that WB has finally begun development on a movie featuring Zatanna, and am told this is separate from the Justice League Dark project Bad Robot is working on. It also sounds like other characters who have been members of Justice League Dark might also head to the big screen, but that’s much further out.

Two years ago, Deadline reported that WB was talking about doing movies based on Supergirl, Batgirl, and Zatanna. The recent Michael Keaton news mentioned that the Batgirl movie is still coming, but there’s been doubt lately over the Supergirl movie. Rumors are swirling that WB really wants JJ Abrams for Superman, which would probably put Supergirl on the back burner; and that would open up another spot on the slate for Zatanna.

There were rumors that she’d show up in The Suicide Squad next year, but James Gunn shot those down saying he never thought of including her.

Zatanna has been a fixture in DC Comics for decades, she’s had many appearances in DC animation over the years, and appeared in Smallville. It’s about time for her to show up in a movie, and it sounds like WB agrees.