The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s New Date Will Reportedly Be Announced Soon

Yesterday Disney+ released their August release list, and as everyone who has been following reality knows; The Falcon and The Winter Soldier wasn’t on it due to filming being shut down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Of course every site on the planet ran doom and gloom delay stories just based on that release list and no official word from Disney, but today comes something of an update.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a source at Disney confirms that it’s been delayed but a new date should be coming soon:

A source close to the situation confirms to EW that the premiere has indeed been delayed due to the global pandemic. If all goes well, a new premiere will be announced soon.

The last update to the filming we got said there was very little left to do, and they’d be returning to Prague to film for nine days in the fall. If they are able to finish that little bit of filming, a 2020 release date could still be in the cards for the first Disney+ Marvel Studios series.