The Batman Filming Rumored to Resume in September With Location Filming Scrapped

The last we heard about the filming of The Batman was when Colin Farrell said he believed it would be around August. As things have happened with this pandemic, plans are always fluid and can change, and now it sounds like filming will resume in September with one major change.

According to Netflix’s Kris Tapley, location filming on the movie has been scrapped due to the pandemic:

Now, before anyone panics over this; it’s not out of the ordinary for a Batman movie. While people became used to location filming with the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy filming in Chicago, New York and Pittsburgh; traditionally Batman movies used sound stages for the most part. Particularly the 90s films. So while it might disappoint some people to not be able to see spy photos of Batman around London, it’s unlikely something that will affect the movie in a negative way just based on previous Batman films.