Solo: A Star Wars Story Expected to Continue on Disney+

For a long time, Star Wars fans have wanted to see a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story. For many reasons, one of which is how they didn’t release footage from the movie until three months before release, the film did underperform at the box office. In the year following that release, Solo has become a real cult favorite with fans demanding a continuation using the #MakeSolo2Happen hashtag.

Back in September I ran a rumor that I’ve been hearing that some kind of spin-off of Solo was being planned as a series for Disney+. In the months since then, it sounds like that idea has evolved greatly. With Disney+ being the future of Star Wars, for now, and the movies being reserved for something else; that idea of a spin-off of Solo (likely involving crime syndicates such as Crimson Dawn and Black Sun) has evolved into a true continuation of where the story left off at the end of the 2018 film. That does mean the same cast, who are expected to return.

This is likely what Alden Ehrenreich meant recently when he told Esquire, “”I’ve heard soooome stuff, but nothing concrete” when asked about his future in Star Wars. Recently, Kessel Run Transmissions reported that Donald Glover was close to returning to the Lando role. In February I reported that Disney really wanted to find a way to bring Lando back, and it sounds like this Solo continuation will set up a future Lando series.

Recently there have been rumors flying around the internet about some kind of Darth Maul series on Disney+, but it sounds like those rumors are referring to this Solo continuation that’s expected to feature Maul. The only question up in the air is if Ray Park will be returning to play his body, or if Sam Witwer will get to do both this time.

That’s where this whole Solo Disney+ thing is right now. It started out as just a spin-off about the crime syndicates and looks to have now evolved into a full continuation; and it’s possible it’s due to the fan support of the original movie much like the #SaveCloneWars campaign that resulted in the seventh season for that show.