Ryan Reynolds Celebrates the Anniversary of the Original Deadpool Leak

Marvel fans used to having a Deadpool franchise might not remember the challenge the first movie went through just to get made. Despite the script being around for a long time, and leaking online to great acclaim, the powers running Fox at the time wouldn’t allow it to be made. That is, until someone leaked a VFX test on the Internet.

Immediately the leaked video drove fans crazy, showing what a Deadpool movie could look like. While a culprit was never caught, the belief is that it was an inside job. Today Ryan Reynolds celebrated the anniversary of that leak that kicked off the cinematic Deadpool franchise:

Although he teases the next movie taking a while, he did say back in December while on a talk show that they had begun working on it at Marvel. So despite what the “creator” of Deadpool seems to be claiming, we’re going to see him back on the big screen eventually.