Rumor: Marvel Studios May Not Be Done With Thanos Yet

After being the overall “big bad” of the twenty-three movie Infinity Saga, it’s sounding like Marvel Studios isn’t completely done with the Mad Titan Thanos just yet. Despite him dying (twice) in Avengers: Endgame, a new rumor says we’ll see him again in the future in some way.

I learned tonight from one of my most reliable sources that Marvel Studios is beginning to talk about some way to have Thanos featured in a movie again in the future. It’s not definitely happening, it’s just something “in the cards”, but the big purple guy still looms large in their minds. There’s no specific storyline or anything like that mentioned, so I have no idea how it’ll work. But with time travel and the multiverse now a thing in the MCU there are infinite possibilities of how we can see Thanos again.

Even before we see his return it’s possible we’ll see him talked about a lot in the future. There are plans for characters very connected to Thanos, such as the Eternals and members of that corner of the Marvel Universe. Another possibility is in Nova, showing Thanos destroying Xandar as part of Richard Rider’s origin. And with shows and movies set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the person who caused half the universe to vanish probably won’t be forgotten that easily.

So, this does make a lot of sense. Thanos was the villain in the biggest movie of all time, and despite dying in that (twice) the MCU has a lot of ways to bring him back in the future. It’ll satisfy fans to see the character back again, and also be a reminder of the first Saga that built the MCU.