Lucasfilm Rumored to Be Moving Forward Without Ray Park as Maul

Over the weekend there was some…drama…surrounding Ray Park’s Instagram account. I’m not going to dig into that because we don’t know exactly what happened there and what is true or not true about what was going on there. However, there’s a rumor going around that he might not return as Maul in any of the future Disney+ stuff.

According to LRM Online, who has a real good track record from back when they were known as Latino Review, Lucasfilm has decided to move forward without Ray Park playing Dark Maul’s body.

And I can kind of bacSolo: A Star Wars Story Expected to Continue on Disney+k this up. When I heard about the Solo continuation yesterday I was told that it was unsure if Park would be returning. If LRM Online is hearing they’ve decided to move on, then chances are that’s what has happened.

Right now it can’t be said for sure if they’re talking to Sam Witwer or not, but perhaps this will be his chance to play Darth Maul in both voice and body in live action.