Leaked Agents of SHIELD Episode 8 Trailer May Confirm a Rumored Casting (SPOILERS)

Agents of SHIELD is almost half-way through its final thirteen-episode season, and a trailer for episode 8 has leaked. Not only does the trailer spoil where the Agents will be going after tomorrow night’s epic set in the 80s with Mack and Deke, but it also might confirm a rumored casting that was going around the internet not too long ago.


Here’s the trailer, and pay attention to the 18 second mark:

Many people believe that’s Brenda Song playing Aero, who was rumored to show up in the latter half of the final season as well as play a big part in the series finale alongside the other Agents. If that turns out to be her in episode 8, then it gives the plot leak a lot of credibility and it means we’re in for an unbelievably epic finale to the series that absolutely will tie in with Avengers: Endgame.