Is Our First Look at Eternals Coming Soon?

The Coronavirus Pandemic threw Marvel Studios’ 2020 schedule into chaos, and that includes the promotion of upcoming movies. Prior to everything being delayed, there was a teaser trailer for Eternals finished. That trailer would’ve been released online sometime in the first half of April and then shown in theaters with Black Widow. Of course Black Widow was since delayed to November and Eternals was moved to 2021.

Now comes word that something is on the way related to Eternals. Amit Chaudhari on Twitter, who has very realiably relayed news surrounding trailer localization in the past, says he’s heard that something is in the works for Eternals and it might be coming soon:

Most recently Amit gave a very accurate description of the Black Widow trailer after localization began on that. Then he revealed when the localization version was delivered. For Black Widow he Tweeted about the localized trailer arriving on March 3rd, and then the final trailer was released on March 9th. So that might give us an idea of how soon this Eternals thing might show up…