International New Mutants Promos Remove the August 28th Date

20th Century Studios might finally be realizing that the August 28th theatrical release of The New Mutants isn’t going to happen. Meaning that once again the forever-delayed movie doesn’t have a release date.

Recently 20th Century Studios Taiwan has been promoting the movie with the August 28th date. Now overnight they’ve removed the release date and just replaced it with “Coming Soon” as people noticed on Twitter:

Last week during SDCC@Home The New Mutants valiantly stuck to their August 28th release date, despite their panel streaming at literally the same time Disney announced that the August 21st release of Mulan was being removed from the schedule and all of the future Avatar and Star Wars movies being delayed. That means for the last week most people saw the August 28th date for The New Mutants as not realistic and a joke, so it looks like they might finally be acknowledging that…