Every Star Wars Movie is Now Streaming on Disney+

It’s taken a little while thanks to that lingering Netflix content deal that Disney was part of prior to the creation of Disney+, but as of today in the US all of the Star Wars movies are now streaming on the service with the addition of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Disney+ version of Solo does have a slight bug that should be easily fixed in that the alien subtitles are not present in the Disney+ version, when they were in every other digital storefront version of Solo. That should hopefully be a quick fix for one of the most under-appreciated Star Wars films. Solo has been picking up so much fan support after its release, you can almost consider it a cult movie now.

There have been some rumors that some kind of continuation could still be in the cards. Not following Han and Chewie, but instead likely focusing on the crime syndicates set up in the movie such as Crimson Dawn and even showing Black Sun in live-action for the first time. Some rumors also point to a return of Lando in some way.

As with all of the other Star Wars movies on Disney+, Solo: A Star Wars Story is streaming in 4K.