Could Marvel Trailers Return With Live Sports?

Marvel fans are starving for information about the upcoming Disney+ shows and movies that would’ve released in 2020, such as Eternals. Those waiting to see anything new might not have long to wait if history is anything to go on.

Marvel Studios, and Disney in general, likes to use their anticipated trailers to draw people (and ratings) to places like ESPN during live sporting events. Disney has a long history of debuting Star Wars trailers during Monday Night Football, and they’ve used things like the College Football National Championship to debut Marvel trailers as well. Basketball has been used in the past too, such as when they debuted the Black Panther teaser during the NBA Finals.

This weekend we heard that Marvel is working on something related to Eternals. We know there was a teaser trailer completed that would’ve been released with Black Widow in theaters. That means there is a teaser trailer for February’s movie just waiting to be released. It’s also possible they could promote the two upcoming Disney+ shows (Falcon and WandaVision) with updated release dates. While Marvel could obviously just drop trailers online at any time, history shows us that Disney likes to leverage their big brands to help the ratings of live sports.

In about two weeks the NBA will restart. There are going to be several games played on Disney’s ABC and ESPN networks, including some big match ups including a Lakers game. Based on the timing of everything, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if that Eternals thing that’s in the works were to show up sometime within the next thirty days or so on one of those NBA games on either ABC or ESPN.

Of course this is just speculation and I’m not saying it’s definitely happening (take note, Reddit), but it fits with how Disney has done things in the past. It also makes a ton of sense for them to use a teaser trailer for a February release (which would normally be shown in July or August) to promote the long-awaited return of live sports and give them a nice ratings boost.