Sorry Conspiracy Theorists, the Coronavirus isn’t in Captain America: The First Avenger

For the last week or so, those who subscribe to conspiracy theories about the origin of the Coronavirus have been passing around screenshots of the final scene in Captain America: The First Avenger claiming the movie predicted it due to the Corona beer on one side of Cap and the round object that looks like a virus on the other. There’s also a lot more crazy attached to that, but that’s a rabbit hole I’ll let you go down yourself if you want to dig into it on the nuttier corners of the internet. However, I hate to break it to the tinfoil hat brigade, but that’s not a virus on the billboard in the movie.

A film critic named William Mullally of The Cutaway actually managed to find the real billboard. He did some digging and found the actual day that scene was filmed in New York, which was April 23, 2011. After scouring YouTube and street view maps of Time Square for that date, they came up with nothing until they found an image with the billboard in it.

It’s not a virus, it’s spaghetti:

So no, Cap isn’t flanked by a virus next to a Corona beer. It’s an ad for spaghetti. That kind of kills those insane conspiracy theories that tried to tie a Marvel movie to a global pandemic.