Rian Johnson’s Defense of the Prequels is Perfect

Even before the release of JJ Abrams’ The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans knew Rian Johnson appreciated the Prequels as he took part in a taping of Filmspotting in October of 2015 where he was quoted as saying, “There was something really beautiful about the prequels.”

Now he’s defended the Prequels again with a pretty much perfect Tweet:

From 1999-2005, George Lucas was endlessly mocked and harassed by the Internet for his use of CG and green-screens in the Prequels (despite The Phantom Menace having more practical effect models than any Star Wars movie) to the point where it drove him away from the franchise he created. Now, all of those filmmaking techniques he pioneered twenty years ago are the standard by which all big-budget genre movies are made.