Michael Keaton Returning to Play Batman in ‘The Flash’

How’s this for a bit of news that will break the internet?

Today it’s been revealed via The Wrap that the original big-screen Batman, Michael Keaton, will be donning the cape and cowl once again in the 2022 Flash movie. Keaton will be Batman and appearing alongside Ezra Miller’s Flash in the movie, setting up the idea of the Multiverse in the movies. The Wrap does stress that talks are still early, so there’s a possibility it doesn’t end up happening.

Over the weekend a rumor surfaced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Thomas Wayne Batman would show up in The Flash movie, but today’s news appears to possibly debunk that. It’s very possible that the Thomas Wayne Batman was part of the movie at some point, but the casting information surrounding that could be outdated.

Still it’s going to be really cool to see Keaton as Batman one movie time as he never got a third movie in the 90s!