EA Will Officially Reveal Star Wars Squadrons on Monday June 15th

After it leaked yesterday, Electronic Arts has decided to officially reveal their new Star Wars game on Monday June 15th at 9:00am Pacific time.

Star Wars: Squadrons is rumored to be developed by EA Motive, and was previously referred to under the codename of “Maverick”. It’s said to feature a short single-player campaign with the focus being on multi-player space battles. Eras included in the game are unknown right now, but the key art only features Original Trilogy starfighters, including the U-Wings and TIE Strikers from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Other details are scarce about the game, so hopefully more will be revealed in the trailer on Monday morning. Many are hoping this isn’t just the space portions of Battlefront made into a standalone game, and something more a long the lines of the classic X-Wing or TIE Fighter games. Even something closer to Rogue Squadron would probably be better received than just a standalone version of the Battlefront space levels.

EA will reveal the game via a trailer premiere on YouTube (embedded below) and then the game will most likely be immediately available for pre-order, if yesterday’s leak on the official Xbox site is anything to go by. EA Play was originally going to take place this past Thursday, which means Microsoft probably had that pre-order banner scheduled and forgot to change the date when EA delayed their event to this coming week.