DC FanDome Virtual Convention Officially Announced

News about the event leaked out last week, but this morning DC has officially announced their own version of Comic Con titled “DC FanDome” that will take place on August 22nd.

The event will be available for 24 hours on DCFanDome.com and will feature new announcements from WB Games, TV, films, and comics. It promises to include the casts and creators and will feature Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad, The Batman, Black Adam, Shazam!, and yes there will be information on Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The mention of WB Games means it’s possible we’ll finally get to see that new Batman game that WB Montreal has been teasing for so long.

The biggest piece of news is that there will be new footage shown. The announcement promises fans will get to see “exclusive footage”, meaning it’s possible we’ll get a new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer here and possibly even more; remember The Suicide Squad has finished filming already and is being edited. Maybe we’ll even get lucky and see some behind the scenes footage from The Batman? Of course there’s also that Snyder Cut trailer that Zack was working on

Obviously this event means that it’s unlikely that DC will be participating in [email protected] next month if they’re doing their own big thing in August where they plan to unveil footage and make big announcements. That also means that sites who were pushing rumors of certain trailers being revealed at [email protected] were likely wrong, again due to DC planning this FanDome event for August 22nd.

So even though we probably won’t get any DC news next month during SDCC, fans can look forward to a 24 hour event in August where there will be a whole lot of news to get hyped up over. In just a little over two months we’ll finally hear some news about the future of the DCEU and hopefully get a new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984.