Cyborg Confirmed for The Flash?

Last week I ran a rumor that at one point in the long and complicated development of The Flash movie, Cyborg was scheduled to appear in the movie. Now it appears we may have some form of confirmation that Vic will show up with his buddy Barry on the big screen.

Someone DM’ed producer Barbara Muschietti on Instagram and asked her to please not forget Ray Fisher in The Flash and to at least give him a cameo, and she replied “Obviously!”

With the movie being based on Flashpoint, it makes a lot of sense for Cyborg to show up. Also, when Ezra Miller cameoed in Crisis on Infinite Earths on The CW, his Barry mentioned Vic; meaning the two are still hanging out in the DCEU.

There are also some other rumored casting revelations that might be coming soon that will make people really happy to see certain characters from the Snyder era return in a new way.