Zack Snyder is Working on a Trailer for Justice League and it’s Coming Soon

Fans waiting to get their first look at the new version of Justice League, launching on HBO Max sometime next year, might not have to wait too long. As Zack Snyder said it’d be a completely new version of the movie, they can’t easily just re-release one of the old trailers for the one released in theaters; meaning it’s going to have trailers created just for it. And it sounds like the first one is coming soon.

Replying to comments on one of his Vero posts this morning, Zack Snyder is asked by multiple people if a trailer is coming. To the first he said he’s working on it:

And then someone asked him if we could expect a trailer coming soon, and he just replied with an smily face sunglasses emoji:

Warner Brothers is spending between $20 and $30 million to finish this version of Justice League for HBO Max, so they’re definitely going to want to promote it with trailers. Having a trailer sometime this summer as HBO Max is launching would drive sign-ups to the service, even if Justice League won’t arrive until sometime in 2021. Imagine the publicity for HBO Max if they were able to get a trailer together and put it in theaters with Tenet in July? That’d definitely drive a lot of subs to the new service.

It also shouldn’t be difficult to get a trailer together pretty quickly. Some scenes from the original version of Justice League were finished enough to be included in the original trailers, and even beyond that there should be enough finished to cut together something for fans relatively quickly.

Whenever and however it arrives, it sounds like we won’t have wait long to get our first official look at Zack Snyder’s Justice League in the form of its first trailer.