Yes, It Appears The Snyder Cut May Arrive in Some Form on HBO Max

There might be peace on Social Media and those who run Warner Brothers’ various DC-releated accounts may finally be able to look at the replies to their posts again, as those who have been spamming #ReleaseTheSnyderCut for two-and-a-half years might finally be getting something in return; even if it might not be exactly how they imagined it.

Last month, both FandomWire and The Illuminerdi ran stories citing a source at Warner Brothers who said there was no deal in place for the Snyder Cut at HBO Max. I can confirm what they based those stories off of, as I saw the email message too. An unnamed source at WB was telling people “off the record” that there was no deal in place. Either at the time there was no deal, or they were just trying to deflect.

But now, it’s sounding like things have changed.

Earlier in the week, Heroic Hollywood reported that Snyder screened a version of his assembly cut for Warner Brothers. That kind of backs up the FandomWire report that says WB met with Snyder about the cut, which they claimed would cost about $20 million to finish (including new filming). And now multiple reliable sources are saying something is coming, but no one can agree on what form it’ll be, although whatever it turns out to be will stream on HBO Max.

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Some are claiming it’ll be a mini-series. Others think it could just be the movie. And there’s a possibility it’ll be “as is”, presented as a workprint or something similar; much like how Warner Brothers officially released the Blade Runner workprint cut on the five-disc Blu-ray set years ago, although this would be on HBO Max and not Blu-ray.

Even if it is released “as is” with unfinished effects and maybe even storyboard filling in gaps, it’d be enough to drive people to subscribe to HBO Max if only out of curiosity of what could’ve been.