Warner Has Begun Early Discussions About a New Project Featuring Harley Quinn

This year we’ve seen Harley Quinn on the big screen in Birds of Prey, her DC Universe animated series is awesome, and she’ll return to theaters just August in The Suicide Squad, but it sounds like Warner isn’t waiting long to get the next big screen Harley project moving.

In talking with multiple sources today I’ve learned that Warner has begun very early talks and discussions about what the next big screen Harley project will be. There’s absolutely no word yet on exactly what the project is, although I’m sure fans are crossing their fingers for Gotham City Sirens

A couple of years ago, back before Birds of Prey was really turned into a Harley Quinn movie, there were rumors going around that beginning with that movie; Warner wanted to feature Harley in some way every year in a DC film. 2020 is BoP, 2021 would be The Suicide Squad, which means whatever they’re talking about now could end up coming as early as 2022.

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There are currently three DC films set for 2022: Shazam! 2, The Flash, and Aquaman 2. So if it ends up being a 2022 movie it could be an addition to that list, or replace one of those that could theoretically have to move.

Whatever it ends up being this is all extremely early, but it’s good news for Harley fans as WB is still completely dedicated to the character on the big screen.