Vader Immortal Coming to PSVR!

As part of all of the May the 4th announcements in 2020, ILMxLAB has revealed that the popular Vader Immortal would be coming to PlayStation VR this summer!

ILMxLAB made the announcement via their website and says the trilogy will be available separately or in a trilogy pack. It’ll be the same game that’s been available exclusively on the Oculus since May of last year, but no even more people will have the chance to play it.

Ever since I tried out ILMxLAB’s Avengers: Damage Control I wanted to play through Vader Immortal, and was even close to trying to get an Oculus last year to do so. Now I don’t have to, and I just have to dust off my PSVR headset later this summer to play what looks like an awesome Star Wars VR experience.