HBO Max’s Boss Discusses the Snyder Cut ‘It Does Not Exist, Zack is Actually Building It’

Ever since Zack Snyder’s Justice League was announced for HBO Max, the internet has been working in overdrive to cook up brand new conspiracy theories about the Snyder Cut. From AT&T forcing WB to release it, to the status of the cut, there are all sorts of crazy theories being spread around about what it is or isn’t at this time.

The chairman of WarnerMedia and the head of HBO Max, Bob Greenblatt, appeared on the Recode Media podcast this week and discussed the Snyder Cut. From what it actually is to when they decided to release it, his conversation should hopefully clear up some of those conspiracy theories being spread around the internet:

“It’s been months of discussions with Zack and the producers, to figure out how to do it. Because it isn’t as easy as just going into the vault and there’s a Snyder Cut sitting there to put out. It does not exist, Zack is actually building it and it’s complex. Including (and I don’t want to get into too much detail that we haven’t already talked about yet), but new effects shots and it’s a radical rethinking of that movie and it’s complicated and wildly expensive. Which is of course a number I won’t quote.”

When asked about the $20-30 million number he said, “I’ll just say I wish it was just $30 million and stop there.”

“It’s an enormous undertaking and very complex. We had to go to the unions and get certain things clear with them about what we were doing. Is the Snyder Cut a new movie? Or is it a recut? There’s lots of complexity that the fan doesn’t know about. And we weren’t just sitting around going, ‘Lets not talk to those fans for as long as we can. Let’s drive them crazy.’ We were actually spending a lot of time trying to figuring out how to do this, and there’s many many hurdles to jump over. Once we saw that we could do it all and figured out the right economics, which was literally in the last week, we said ‘alright lets get this news out there’.”

He was then asked if it was something they were sitting on for months and released the news as a pre-launch HBO Max “pop”, and he said:

“No. We were trying very hard to be able to announce it before the launch, because we knew it would be very well received, but we started talking about it (I want to say) in last fall. Seriously.”

So that explains why it’s costing so much money to produce Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max, they actually have to finish the cut that so many were claiming was just sitting in a vault somewhere. Also the timing of their discussions, beginning last fall, debunks the theory that AT&T suddenly forced WB release the cut this week.