Ghost Rider Reportedly in Development at Marvel Studios

The collapse of Marvel Television has seen a lot of characters freed up for the use of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, one of which has been suspected to be destined for a movie or TV show for a long time. Last year, the Hulu Ghost Rider series featuring Gabriel Luna reprising his Agents of SHIELD role was suddenly cancelled right before filming was to begin. Back then it was suspected that the cancellation was due to Kevin Feige wanting to use the character.

Now comes news that Feige may indeed be using Ghost Rider according to Daniel Richtman (via The Direct), who says that Marvel has begun development on something using Ghost Rider. As with everything connected to Marvel Studios in 2020, it’s equally possible this could be a Disney+ thing or a movie for theaters.

Prior to Marvel Television being merged into Marvel Studios, Jeph Loeb had big plans for a supernatural universe on Hulu. Marvel registered trademarks for Helstrom, Ghost Rider, Glyph, and Spirits of Vengeance, and Elsa Bloodstone was destined to appear in an ABC television series. Now only Helstrom remains of those, which frees up all of those other supernatural characters to be used by Marvel Studios in the future.